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Class Technologies Flagship Product Is Now HIPAA Compliant

Company Further Expands Virtual Training, eLearning, and High-Consequence Meetings to Healthcare and Regulated Industries
Class Technologies

Class Technologies, Inc., the global leader in synchronous virtual classrooms, announced today that its flagship product is now HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant. This achievement was made possible with the company’s recently acquired CoSo Secure Private Cloud, which has been granted the HIPAA Seal of Compliance by The Compliancy Group.

HIPAA Certification will allow Class to:

  • Further expand support for virtual training and eLearning across healthcare providers and other regulated industries
  • Provide organizations that must work with HIPAA-compliant vendors the ability to add virtual classroom and learning tools to their virtual meetings safely and confidently
  • Support distributed workforces and healthcare professionals, with added security, privacy, and compliance protection

“Class now offers healthcare customers and those in highly regulated industries the assurance of HIPAA compliance and security to protect their highly sensitive information,” said Michael Chasen, CEO of Class. “Achieving and maintaining HIPAA compliance demonstrates our continued commitment to expanding Class offerings into markets where customers demand, and are required to comply with, the most stringent regulatory and security requirements.”

The Compliancy Group’s Seal of Compliance is the recognized third-party HIPAA compliance verification standard for healthcare institutions, vendors, and IT professionals across the healthcare industry. The Seal of Compliance verifies and validates technologies that satisfy rigorous HIPAA regulations. Organizations licensing the Class platform operating within CoSo’s Secure Private Cloud will have the necessary regulated precautions in place to protect sensitive information including PII, healthcare records, and HIPAA-specific data.

“Through the integration of Class into the CoSo Secure Private Cloud, healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations engaged in virtual training are able to secure private, sensitive, and personal information such as medical history, and customer data to dynamically conduct highly sensitive activities,” said Glen D. Vondrick, former CEO and now GM of CoSo Cloud, a Class company. “With rigorous safeguards and security measures, the Class platform hosted by CoSo Cloud is now fully compliant with HIPAA regulations to ensure customers’ confidential information is fully protected.”

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