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Clinch integrates with Google Ad Manager’s Creative Transcoding API

Integration Makes Transcoded Creatives Directly Available in Google Ad Manager's Creative Repository from Flight Control, Streamlining Ad Serving Calls for a Seamless Viewing Experience

Clinch, the leader in dynamic ad serving and personalization and creator of Flight Control, the Omnichannel Campaign Activation Platform, announced today its integration with Google Ad Manager’s Creative Transcoding API, allowing videos to be served to various media owners that utilize Google Ad Manager DAI.

This integration enables fully transcoded creatives to be available directly in Google Ad Manager’s Creative Repository without the need to transcode in real time when requested, and ready to serve via Dynamic Ad Insertion. This ensures that advertisers’ personalized video ad content is optimally prepared for server-side ad serving calls and seamlessly integrates into publishers’ content streams.

“Our partnership with Google represents a significant step forward in streamlining ad campaigns and making ad serving more efficient and effective,” said Charel MacIntosh, Head of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Clinch. “This collaboration allows us to continue to deliver personalized video ad content with the utmost efficiency, enhancing the viewing experience for users while ensuring better outcomes for advertisers and publishers.”

Key benefits of Clinch’s integration with Google Ad Manager’s Creative Transcoding API include:

  • Ensures a quality user/viewing experience.
  • Maintains an equal balance of value between advertiser and publisher, ensuring consistent fill rates for publishers and zero missed opportunities for impressions for advertisers.
  • Helps to ensure monetization of inventory, particularly via programmatic channels where the use of DAI might not be apparent in bundled content or targeted private marketplaces.

“This process allows for pre-ingestion transcoding, eliminating the need to transcode during the initial impression,” continued MacIntosh. “In Clinch’s ad response, a Google Media ID is included, and transcoded assets sourced from Google Ad Manager’s Creative Repository are then retrieved for dynamic ad insertion, streamlining the entire workflow.”

This collaboration marks the latest milestone in Clinch’s mission to build valuable partnerships for advertisers to increase speed to market and campaign activation efficiencies while reducing errors. For more information on Clinch’s solutions, partnerships, and offline attribution capabilities, submit an inquiry here: https://clinch.co/contact/

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