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Cognigy launches AI Copilot

Industry Leader Reinvents Agent Assist with Generative and Conversational AI for Customer Service Excellence

With a commitment to drive customer service excellence, Conversational AI leader Cognigy announced today the launch of AI Copilot. The new solution leverages the powerful synergy of Conversational and Generative AI to redefine agent assist possibilities in enterprise contact centers.

“AI Copilot evolves agent assist from mere response suggestions to an all-rounded solution for elevating service agents’ performance, productivity, and overall job satisfaction,” says Philipp Heltewig, CEO and co-founder of Cognigy. “This isn’t just another enablement tool, it is a colleague and daily companion for agents, supercharging them with critical knowledge, skills and resources they need to excel.”

The necessity for such a solution is underscored by a recent Deloitte study, revealing that 63% of contact center leaders grapple with staffing shortages. Cognigy’s AI Copilot is set to revolutionize this landscape, providing real-time support and enabling agents to deliver instant, gratifying service experiences.

AI Copilot boasts a full suite of pre-built capabilities, including:

  • Identity Assist: Provides contextual handover tailored to each agent’s needs.
  • Knowledge Assist: Surfaces vital information and knowledge sources in real time.
  • Action Assist: Guides agents through complex processes for effective query resolution.
  • Language Assist: Empowers agents to support customers in their native language.
  • Wrap-Up Assist: Automates post-call busywork with one click.

Designed with enterprise-readiness in mind, AI Copilot can be easily onboarded with essential support knowledge and works seamlessly with any contact center and business system. It is fully customizable to enterprise processes and requirements and proficient in a wide variety of tasks like sentiment analysis, data retrieval, task automation, and call summarization.

Cognigy will hold an educational webinar on November 28 at 8 a.m. San Francisco (PST) / 5 p.m. Berlin (CET). The webinar will showcase the extensive capabilities of this solution and how it empowers multi-level, human-AI collaboration to elevate customer and agent experiences to new heights. To register for the webinar, visit

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