Collective Audience launches AudienceDesk™ Powered by AudienceCloud™


Collective Audience, Inc. (Nasdaq: CAUD), a leading innovator of audience-based performance advertising and media, has launched AudienceDesk™ powered by AudienceCloud™.

The powerful new AdTech and MarTech solution brings together publisher supply, brand and agency demand, together with unique audience data, into a unified cloud platform.

AudienceCloud’s AI-driven capabilities and data infrastructure empowers users with a next generation technology stack. It includes applications that enable them to easily and cost-efficiently build, reach, connect and monetize using the singular AudienceDesk interface. The easily deployed AudienceCloud API can also be used to integrate the technology into existing third-party platforms and environments.

AudienceCloud’s groundbreaking modern infrastructure is built with the most advanced, customizable modules designed to take on today’s new cookieless, audience data-driven advertising world. It introduces the industry’s first open audience-based ecosystem for digital advertising and media with powerful features and benefits:

  • Full-stack ad server with pre-bid programmatic and third-party DSP integrations that serves Collective Audience’s unique ad units or any other ad network.
  • Cookieless targeting with semantic exact match keywords and phrases.
  • Unique GenAI enabled, attention-based, conversational performance advertising units that are customizable to drive any type of transaction in the ad unit, empowering publishers and brands with the ability to collect zero party audience data via ad campaigns, surveys or quizzes. Try live demo here.
  • API integrations to and from any environment for any of the AudienceCloud modules.
  • Low-code integration provides publishers real-time semantics and customizable end-to-end ad infrastructure in just minutes, so they can manage their entire ad stack on a single platform.
  • Publishers and brands are empowered by their data being generated with the ability to gain insights, create audience segments, and route to their DMP, CDP or CRM — all in real-time.
  • Transparent revenue for publishers and advertisers—no more separate charges for absorbing, programmatic, creative or data. Increases inventory ROI with a clean direct supply path.

The AudienceDesk interface gives publishers and advertisers a single unified trading desk to create, forecast, serve, monetize, measure and optimize with greater user engagement, higher brand recall and more precise user data:

  • AudienceDesk Creative Studio™ self-serve environment delivers vastly more efficient creative for a 2.9x brand lift.
  • Customizable interactive templates with dynamic creatives that connect to external catalogs.
  • GenerativeAI solutions for publishers and creative campaign managers.
  • AudienceDesk Ad Manager™ enables agencies and brands to buy ad space on all collective sites.
  • Publishers can easily enrich content, capture data, and build their own advertising or audience survey campaigns.
  • Distributed functionality within third party AdTech platforms, DSP, SSP, DMP, tracking and others.

“It is time for change,” stated Collective Audience CEO, Peter Bordes. “Increasing complexity and costs has caused fundamental, far-reaching problems for AdTech and the digital media world. And it’s just not one thing that needs to change, it’s everything. So, we have pulled apart, rearchitected and built up from a new foundation a solution that solves the many challenges and roadblocks we face.

“AudienceCloud creates direct connections that allows us to finally automate the entire supply path process, and empower publishers and advertisers with next generation performance advertising units for the attention economy. The intuitive and easy-to-use AudienceDesk interface provides the unmatched ability to generate meaningful zero- and first-party data from their audiences in way that unlocks tremendous value.”

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