CommentSold revolutionizes video commerce with the launch of PopClips

Transforming Online Shopping with Shoppable Videos and TikTok-Inspired Features

CommentSold, a leader in video commerce technology, is thrilled to announce the launch of PopClips, a cutting-edge feature that brings shoppable videos on all its platforms, including Videeo for Shopify, Popshoplive and CommentSold. This expansion reinforces CommentSold’s commitment to retail innovation, with advanced video commerce solutions that match the social shopping experience that consumers are increasingly used to.

Since its inception, CommentSold has set the benchmark for innovation in the digital marketplace, empowering over 7,000 small to mid-sized retailers to thrive in the video commerce arena. With the introduction of PopClips, CommentSold once again elevates its customers’ toolsets by offering a dynamic, TikTok-like short video shopping experience within the customer’s website and mobile app.

Introducing PopClips: A Leap Forward in Video Commerce

PopClips revolutionizes the way retailers connect with their audiences, offering short, engaging video clips where up to five products can be tagged per video. These clips are designed to seamlessly integrate across various platforms, including websites, mobile apps, and diverse marketing channels, to provide a multitude of benefits:

Product Detail Page (PDP) Enhancement: With PopClips, videos automatically enhance product detail pages of tagged products by appearing as an overlay next to product images. This feature provides instant video engagement, giving customers a closer look at products in a dynamic explainer-video format.

Mobile App Integration: PopClips introduces a ‘POPCLIPS‘ tab within mobile apps, offering a swipe-up feed of shoppable videos. This integration mimics the highly engaging experience of social media platforms, significantly enhancing user engagement and personalizing the shopping experience.

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