Retail, Proximity & IoT Marketing

Retail, Proximity & IoT Marketing

Surefront Releases ‘The Complete Guide to Retail Sustainability’

Surefront, the leading retail technology platform unifying PLM, PIM and CRM solutions, released the newly updated second edition of The Complete … 0
Retail, Proximity & IoT Marketing

Appriss Retail names Dean Abbott Chief Data Scientist

Appriss Retail, a leading provider of data and analytics solutions designed to reduce retail losses, decrease returns, and provide a … 0
Retail, Proximity & IoT Marketing

Zingtree announced the launch of CX Answers and Actions

Zingtree, a leading AI-powered customer experience (CX) automation platform, announced the launch of its AI CX toolkit: CX Answers and CX Actions. Designed … 0
Retail, Proximity & IoT Marketing

Invent Analytics raises $17M in Series B funding

Invent Analytics, an award-winning global retail planning solutions provider, announced that it has secured $17 million in Series B funding. The investment round is … 0
Retail, Proximity & IoT Marketing

Facteus unveils Data Sets Highlighting Consumer Cross Shopping Behavior

Facteus, the largest provider of consumer transaction data insights in the alternative data industry, announced the launch of Consumer Insights. … 0