CommerceIQ launches Generative AI Powered Google Chrome Extension

Free Browser Extension Helps Brands Boost Search Visibility on Amazon and Improve Customer Satisfaction Through AI-driven Content Suggestions and Sentiment Analysis

CommerceIQ, the leading retail ecommerce management (“REM”) platform, today announced it has opened public access to its Google Chrome browser extension CommerceIQ Insights, which allows brands to understand their metrics while browsing Amazon and harnesses the power of generative AI to recommend content suggestions and analyze customer sentiment for any Amazon product.

Previously available on a waitlist basis, but now available for free to the entire ecommerce community, the CommerceIQ Insights Chrome extension enables Amazon sellers to elevate their online strategy, make data-driven decisions, and stay ahead of the competition leading into key tentpole events like Prime Big Deals Day and Black Friday Cyber Monday.

“Our new Chrome extension is not just a tool, it’s a core component to a modern operators toolset on Amazon, and we’re thrilled to bring the power of generative AI to the entire ecommerce community,” said Guru Hariharan, CEO of CommerceIQ. “Our customers have been using this to A/B test content strategies and quickly bring product feedback to their org. By making it freely available, we’re further empowering brands to thrive in the dynamic world of retail ecommerce management.”

“Cultivating customer insights through CIQ’s Amazon review sentiment analysis is like peering through a window into the hearts of your buyers,” said Caleb Harley, director of marketplace services at Booyah Advertising. “With this invaluable tool, you can not only tailor your product content to address all feedback but also strategically position your product to define the perfect market fit, ensuring your journey to success is paved with informed decisions.”

“The Chrome plugin is the most-used tool in our portfolio,” said Jameson Lee, national account manager at Funrise. “By providing real-time metrics for any ASIN in our catalog, we can quickly validate, review, and then act without having to compare multiple inputs or dashboards. It generates efficiencies and significantly streamlines our daily workflow.”

Key features and benefits of the CommerceIQ Insights Chrome extension include:

  • GenAI-Powered Optimization: Harnessing the power of generative AI, the extension provides suggestions to enhance product titles and descriptions on Amazon, ensuring optimal search visibility and higher conversion rates.
  • Deep Customer Sentiment Analysis: Brands can now dive deep into ratings and reviews, extracting key themes of positive and negative sentiment, enabling a more tailored approach to product offerings and marketing strategies.
  • SKU-Level Performance Insights: With Vendor Central access, brands can also get a comprehensive view of key metrics including sales, fill rate, and ad spend, ensuring strategic decision-making to maximize revenue and profitability.

The CommerceIQ Insights Chrome extension works on any product being sold on Amazon, whether yours or a competitor’s. Its sentiment analysis engine has been fully refreshed, giving users insights across various product dimensions, including features, price, packaging, competitors and shipping. These insights are based on the latest reviews posted on Amazon, giving users a 360-degree view of shopper feedback.

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