commercetools & PayPal Braintree announced collaboration


commercetools, the global leader in composable commerce, today announced a collaboration with PayPal to offer a wider range of payment options for customers via payment platform, PayPal Braintree. The new integration allows commercetools’ customers to seamlessly work with multiple payment providers, acquirers, and banks to optimize their customers’ experiences.

“To provide our global customers with a solution that enhances their payment options, we wanted to implement a fintech solution for cross-border transactions to hundreds of global markets,” said Blaine Trainor, Vice President of Global Partnerships at commercetools. “PayPal’s association with MACH technology, cemented by their recent distinction as the MACH Alliance’s first supporting member, makes them the ideal partner for this transformative endeavor.”

As a commercetools Connect-ready integration, PayPal Braintree can instantly be added as a new component, speeding up time to value. The integration is developed for both commercetools backend and frontend environments, as well as other JavaScript frontends. The integration reflects the two companies’ shared vision to deliver frictionless experiences for consumers and backend developers, ultimately helping merchants to increase and support revenue growth.

Features include:

  • Expanded payment options, including debit and credit cards, digital wallets, PayPal Later and local payment methods to 200+ markets in 135 currencies
  • Integrated and customizable fraud tools, including risk services like Fraud Protection on eligible transactions and Dispute Automation

“The PayPal Channel Partner team strongly advocates for composable commerce and is dedicated to the MACH approach,” said David Bruce, Vice President and Global Head of Channel Partnerships at PayPal. “With this being said, we are delighted to be working with commercetools to expand customer payment solutions and continue supporting MACH principals.”

Together, commercetools and PayPal are providing a solution that gives merchants the foundation for ongoing business success. For more information on the PayPal solutions available to commercetools merchants or to learn more about the integration and how merchants can use PayPal to drive an increase in sales, please visit

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