Consistent Digital Presence Boosts Brand Discoverability: Yext

New research shows strong correlation between managing information across an extended publisher network and an increase of 186% more clicks from Google

Yext, Inc. (NYSE: YEXT), the leading digital presence platform for multi-location brands, today released its Power of a Digital Presence Report, showing that brands who harness the power of an extended publisher network see 186% more clicks on Google. The report underscores the need for brands to effectively manage their information across as many publishers as possible to dramatically increase discoverability and customer engagement. In an environment where every company is rethinking their SEO strategies, these findings provide a path to accelerating improvement in organic search results.

Yext analyzed over 620,000 global locations across 15 industries managed within the Yext platform and found that locations syncing data with less than 50% of Yext’s network – which consists of more than 200 publishers – saw the least amount of website traffic from Google. The data also indicated that locations syncing 50-75% of Yext’s network saw an average 95% increase in website clicks from Google, while locations syncing more than 75% of Yext’s network saw a 186% increase. Additionally, the data showed over 17% of a typical location’s website traffic came from non-Google publishers.

The results highlight the importance of smaller and niche publishers in delivering best-in-class organic search performance. Too often, brands may be tempted to limit their search optimization focus to a few of the largest publishers, such as Google, Facebook, Apple, etc. This research shows that the more places a brand shows up online with consistent and accurate information, the better their SEO efforts will perform.

“It’s been a common misconception in the industry that limiting information management to a few major publishers is enough to win in organic search. Our research clearly shows the importance of showing up consistently and accurately across a broad network for stronger discoverability,” says Christian J. Ward, EVP and Chief Data Officer of Yext. “Companies who are showing up across all search engines, AI tools, social media, and other emerging channels will be best positioned to win.”

As the leading platform for digital presence management, Yext helps thousands of multi-location brands deliver consistent, accurate and engaging experiences to customers anywhere in the digital world. Read the Power of a Digital Presence Report to learn more.

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