Continuum Media welcomes Becky Lofstrom to Lead New MSP


Continuum Media, an industry leader in media and advertising solutions, is excited to announce the addition of Becky Lofstrom as the Head of our new Managed Service Platform (MSP). This strategic hire marks the company’s commitment to empowering small, medium, and in-house agencies with the tools and expertise needed to scale their TV buying capabilities effectively.

Becky Lofstrom, a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the television advertising industry, brings a wealth of knowledge and a successful track record to Continuum Media.

Becky’s experience within the industry gives her valuable insights into the intricacies of TV media buying. Her strategic vision and steadfast industry relationships position her to drive innovation and efficiency within the MSP offering. Becky brings over 20 years of media expertise from companies including Cadent, MTV (Viacom), and Dish.

The team at Continuum Media designed the newly launched Managed Service Platform to democratize access to national TV advertising for agencies of all sizes. By leveraging state-of-the-art technology, billions of lines of historical TV performance data, and comprehensive market insights, the MSP offers a streamlined, effective pathway to national TV advertising—a domain that has traditionally been complex and resource-intensive.

Continuum’s MSP is purpose-built to help resource-starved agencies manage linear TV campaigns and augment their TV abilities with the technology and people that have made Continuum a household name in TV advertising.

“Linear TV needs its DSP moment, and I couldn’t be more excited about joining Continuum to help drive the shift change from the legacy RFP process of TV buying to tech-driven, managed service platform facilitation,” Lofstrom said.

The MSP will provide clients with:

  • Customized Media Planning: Tailored strategies that align with client goals and budgetary constraints.
  • Data-Driven Insights Access to advanced analytics and metrics to inform buying decisions and optimize campaigns.
  • Full-Service Support: From planning to post-campaign analysis, offering a comprehensive suite of services to ensure success.

“The MSP takes what Continuum has done for years and commercializes it as a white-labeled service for agencies,” said Pat Ivers, President of Continuum Media. “The offering allows resource-strapped agencies to refocus talent on other critical areas and needs while managing all aspects of a national television campaign through the white-labeled platform and respective resource teams. It’s definitely a net-gain for the agency in the construct of the model and platform; not just from a profitability perspective, but I also believe it actually makes the smaller agency more competitive in the services they can now offer.”

Becky joins Director of Broadcast Planning, Felicia Thomas, in the company’s new strategic move. Thomas will shift roles within Continuum as she will assume responsibility for oversight on MSP clients and campaign management within the platform. “Felicia excels in her current role as Director of Planning and extending her client oversight to include the MSP is a perfect complement to the platform and team,” notes Ivers.

The launch of the Managed Service Platform, under Becky Lofstrom’s guidance, signifies Continuum’s commitment to innovation and service excellence in the advertising industry. For agencies looking to expand their reach through national TV advertising, Continuum’s MSP offers an unparalleled opportunity to achieve scale and impact.

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