Covalent Media Systems, LLC, Launch Cart ink Joint Marketing Agreement


Covalent Media Systems and Launch Cart join forces, leveraging strengths to enhance global solutions in media, data, advertising, and entertainment. The agreement includes coordinated sales and marketing activities for more comprehensive services to their respective customer bases.

Covalent Media Systems, LLC (“Covalent”), a leading proprietary AI ecosystem platform, and Launch Cart, Inc. (“Launch Cart”), a top innovator in eCommerce and digital marketing solutions, are thrilled to announce a Joint Marketing Agreement effective as of February 20, 2024. This venture will leverage both companies’ strengths to provide forward-thinking solutions in the global media, data, advertising, and entertainment markets.

Under this agreement, Covalent and Launch Cart will coordinate joint sales and marketing activities to offer their respective customer bases more comprehensive services. Covalent brings to the table its intellectual property-protecting platform that offers scalable solutions for cutting-edge AI and digital content enhancement.  Launch Cart provides a fully integrated customer relationship management tool and an eCommerce platform designed for the effortless creation of online stores.

“This partnership with Launch Cart represents a significant step forward in our mission to empower businesses with state-of-the-art digital content management and eCommerce solutions while protecting their precious intellectual property,” said Scott Lincoln, Head of Sales & Business Development at Covalent Media Systems, LLC. “Together, we are poised to deliver unparalleled value to our customers, driving innovative monetization and marketing strategies in the media and advertising sectors.”

Greg Writer, CEO of Launch Cart, Inc., commented, “Collaborating with Covalent Media Systems is an exciting opportunity for Launch Cart. Their AI and digital content management expertise complements our eCommerce solutions, enabling us to offer our customers a full end-to-end growth and monetization platform. We look forward to the synergies this partnership will bring and the incredible benefits it will deliver to our clients.”

The Agreement outlines a framework for product and customer cooperation, with the possibility of entering into more definitive agreements for specific customers or jointly created software. Both parties will retain ownership and control of their respective intellectual property rights, ensuring mutual respect and protection as they collaborate.

This strategic partnership not only signifies the commitment of Covalent and Launch Cart to innovate and lead in their respective fields but also highlights their dedication to providing clients with cutting-edge solutions that address the rapidly evolving needs of the digital and e-commerce landscapes.

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