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Crisp announced initial results from its work with poppi &Tinuiti

Crisp and Tinuiti partnered with modern soda manufacturer to uncover valuable insights within their advertising campaign, which revealed an 80% increase over average monthly in-store transactions with a major national retailer

Crisp, the open data retail platform, announced today industry-first results from its preliminary work with Tinuiti, the largest independent performance marketing firm in the U.S., that allows marketers at poppi, the prebiotic soda pop manufacturer, to use shelf-level product data to analyze and inform their digital media buying. The innovative partnership validated through quantitative data that advertising investments on channels such as TikTok and Meta to drive online sales can also positively impact in-store sales through a “halo” effect.

poppi worked with Crisp and Tinuiti to answer the challenging question many CPG brands face of whether investments in digital advertising have a demonstrable impact on in-store sales. Historically a difficult KPI to measure, understanding how marketing is driving grocery retail sales is now possible through an innovative model developed by Tinuiti leveraging Crisp’s real-time inventory and sales data platform. By overlaying media spend data with in-store product data, poppi was able to overcome data silos and analyze the impact of its media investments.

“Connecting in-store sales with digital efforts that moved the needle is one of the most frequently asked questions from clients,” said Aaron Gooden, commerce media director, Tinuiti. “Our partnership with Crisp and the rich data they provide, enables our econometrics team to find a solution to answer this question for brands.”

Preliminary insights enable the soda brand to identify which channels are most effective at driving in-store sales. For example, geographies that were served an Amazon Online Video ad were 15% more likely to purchase poppi products in-store that week than areas that were not served an ad. When investigating social channels, Tinuiti found immense value in TikTok, encouraging geographies at 80% higher rates to buy poppi in-store. These early results demonstrate the strong potential of using in-store data to optimize marketing efforts.

“For the first time, we can correlate how our digital marketing campaigns are driving in-store sales of our products,” said Graham Goeppert, Vice President of Digital Commerce and Media at poppi. “With Crisp and Tinuiti, we finally understand whether our investments in ads on Amazon, Instacart, TikTok, Meta and other channels are impacting cans of poppi moving off shelves in stores. Access to daily retail sales data down to the SKU and zip code level is allowing our team to make real-time data-driven decisions that maximize advertising ROI.”

“Crisp’s partnership with Tinuiti and poppi sets the foundation for CPG brands to finally measure the impact of digital marketing so they can optimize their media investments to maximize sales online and in-store,” said Are Traasdahl, Founder and CEO, Crisp. “Using granular retail data and technology from Crisp combined with Tinuiti’s proprietary data modeling, brands can directly tie in-store purchases to advertising campaigns. We are excited to provide this innovative approach to poppi and other CPG brands to help determine how to reinvest across channels and identify geographies that should be targeted further to drive retail sales.”

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