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Daasity announced the acquisition of Red Fox Analytics

For the first time, merchants have a comprehensive digital and retail data analytics platform to view and gather insights from all sales, distribution and marketing data across all channels

Daasity, a data and analytics platform built for omnichannel consumer brands, today announced the acquisition of Red Fox Analytics, a leader in data analytics for retail-focused consumer packaged goods brands. The combined digital and retail data analytics platform is the first to enable merchants to view and gather insights from all sales, distribution and marketing data across all channels. Red Fox Analytics founder and CEO Chris Mauzé will remain with Daasity as chief product officer.

Prior to this acquisition, companies had to use siloed data sources and service providers to track the performance of non-owned retail, owned retail and digital sales. By combining Daasity, which specializes in digital sales data and analytics, and Red Fox, which specializes in retail and distributor sales data and analytics, merchants no longer need to operate in data silos. Merchants now have a holistic view of all their sales data, including SPINS and NielsenIQ retail data, for optimal efficiency, insights and decision-making.

“The future of commerce includes having both a digital presence and being in retail, whether it’s owned or mass retail. Success in the omnichannel environment relies on being able to act quickly on data, and the only way to do that is to have all the data from every sales channel in one place. The Red Fox Analytics acquisition executes on that vision, which is why we are so excited about joining forces with Red Fox Analytics,” said Dan LeBlanc, co-founder and CEO, Daasity.

“Red Fox Analytics is excited to join Daasity, because Daasity’s technology will provide support for retail data sources to a new level of automation, scale and impact. Red Fox Analytics shares Daasity’s vision that the biggest opportunity for both companies and our customers is in providing comprehensive coverage of as many data sources as we can support. The future of consumer packaged goods is increasingly omnichannel, so we need expertise in both retail and online channels to deliver the most value possible,” said Red Fox Analytics founder and CEO Chris Mauzé.

Daasity and Red Fox Analytics investors and customers recognize the value, convenience and insights that the acquisition and integrated platform will provide.

“Daasity and Red Fox Analytics together will give us access to all of our sales data in a single platform and enable the business intelligence we need to navigate the retail sales landscape,” said Rick Mochulsky, VP of business insights, Liquid Death, a Red Fox Analytics customer.

“Daasity’s acquisition of Red Fox Analytics liberates brands from making decisions in a vacuum, channel by channel. Daasity now provides a holistic view for optimal decision-making; it is the one-stop sales analytics shop for omnichannel brands,” said Julia Adam, partner, Exeter Capital, a Daasity Board member.

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