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DBeaver announces Three Google Cloud Ready Designations


DBeaver Corp., one of the leading all-in-one database tools, announced today that it has successfully achieved three Google Cloud Ready designations: Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery, Google Cloud Ready – AlloyDB and Google Cloud Ready – Cloud SQL. Prior to this, DBeaver had already reached the Partner Build Level on Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Ready is a partner integration validation program that intends to increase the customer confidence in partner integrations into BigQueryAlloyDB, and – for both MySQL and PostgreSQL engines – Cloud SQL. As part of this initiative, Google Cloud’s engineering teams validate partner integrations in a three-phase process: run a series of data integration tests and compare results against benchmarks; work closely with partners to fill any gaps; and refine documentation for our mutual customers.

By earning these designations, DBeaver has proven that its products meet a core set of functional and interoperability requirements when integrating with all three Google Cloud database services. This lets customers know, and be confident, that the DBeaver products they run today work well with BigQuery, AlloyDB, and Cloud SQL. This status also saves potential users time when evaluating the perceived value of the company’s tools if they are not already familiar with it.

DBeaver offers users a versatile database management tool that can connect to Google Cloud’s managed database services and 100 other different types of databases. Key features that enable cloud database connectivity include:

  • Support for secure SSH tunnelling to connect to cloud databases;
  • Connection pooling for performance optimization when working with GCP databases;
  • Import and export functions to migrate data between on-prem and cloud databases.

With Cloud Explorer, a DBeaver PRO user can set up access to Google Cloud and then quickly view, connect, and manage data without repeating all the steps when first logging into the cloud.

“We are very excited to deepen our partnership with Google Cloud and achieve three Google Cloud Ready designations at once,” said Tatiana Krupenya, CEO of DBeaver. “Our integration with Big Query, AlloyDB and Cloud SQL provides customers with a powerful, optimized solution for managing data operations at scale. It also opens up analytics and overall performance opportunities for our users when working with databases in the cloud.”

DBeaver applications can connect directly to BigQuery, AlloyDB and Cloud SQL databases hosted on Google Cloud, making it easy to manage data and run queries without unnecessary steps.

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