DHgate partners with Seel to offer on-time delivery guarantee

Leveraging Seel’s technology, one of the leading cross-border e-commerce marketplaces is empowering millions of consumers to shop sustainably and risk-free

DHgate, the leading global B2B cross-border e-commerce marketplace, today announced its partnership with Seel to empower its customers to shop sustainably and risk-free with Seel’s On-time Delivery Guarantee offering. More than 60 million registered buyers using DHgate can now opt-in to protect their purchase in the case of fulfillment delays, while also offsetting the carbon footprint of their purchase.

DHgate boasts more than 34 million listings every year, reaching millions of online shoppers in more than 225 regions around the world. With thousands of purchases made across the globe each day, dealing with fulfillment delays becomes costly – both in terms of the time and labor required to investigate and provide a refund for a purchase, and the environmental cost. The carbon footprint of e-commerce has shown no signs of slowing since 2020. Global emissions from international shipping are estimated to reach 709 million metric tons of CO2 by 2025. At the same time, the transfer of items from global freight to domestic parcel services creates high risk for packages to get lost, become damaged, or get delayed. Consumers are concerned – 73% of consumers want shipping protection, but 63% of merchants don’t offer it at all.

Now, by partnering with Seel, DHgate is able to offer customers the opportunity to add guaranteed arrival date, and offset the carbon emissions of their purchase by opting into On-time Delivery Guarantee, available on both the DHgate website and mobile app. For a small fee and with just one click, DHgate shoppers can get a full refund on their purchase in the case of fulfillment delays while offsetting the carbon footprint that comes with the international e-commerce supply chain.

“As a global e-commerce platform we are acutely concerned about meeting the online shoppers of the world where they are when it comes to their purchasing preferences and concerns,” said Meiqiao Shi of DHgate. “Amid unprecedented challenges to the global e-commerce industry including piracy, terrorism, and of course climate change, we are thrilled to leverage Seel’s transformational technology to expand our customer base by offering Seel’s sustainable, carbon-offsetting On-time Delivery Guarantee.”

Seel has offset more than 250,000 kilograms of carbon emissions in the past six months alone, as of January 2024.

“Our mission at Seel is to empower consumers with the peace of mind to shop freely. We’re excited about partnering with DHgate to offer their tens of millions of shoppers access to a risk-free and eco-friendly online shopping experience,” said Zack Peng, CEO and Founder of Seel. “American consumers are more conscious than ever of the environmental impact of their shopping decisions, and three out of four of them already expect a guaranteed arrival date when shopping online. DHgate has already burnished its credentials as a leading e-commerce marketplace, and the addition of On-time Delivery Guarantee will help solidify that.”

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