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Dstillery releases Audience Brief Genius

Company announces 20th and 21st patents, one of which includes audience search technology that powers new tool

Dstillery (“the Company”), the leader in AI ad targeting, today announced its latest technology developed on OpenAI to revolutionize audience discovery for programmatic campaigns. The Company’s new Audience Brief Genius tool turns audience briefs into a precise list of audience recommendations, streamlining the selection process for brands and agencies.

Audience Brief Genius, a part of Audience Explorer, implements Dstillery’s technology and allows advertisers to simply paste in their audience briefs, including descriptions of interests, demographics, affinities, and other relevant information. This input is transformed using OpenAI’s technology into a format that can be quantitatively compared to similar representations of Dstillery’s audience taxonomy. The result is an instant display of the audiences that best match the brand’s audience briefs.

“With Audience Brief Genius powered by OpenAI, advertisers now have a way to use the latest in large language models to quantify the relationship between a persona and audience segments,” said Taejin In, SVP of Product at Dstillery. “This approach saves time compared to manually selecting audiences. Additionally, it ensures advertisers use audiences best aligned with their briefs, leading to better-targeted, more effective campaigns.”

Audience Brief Genius makes launching these audiences as simple as possible with clear paths to activation, whether via user-based segments, cookieless PMPs, or predictive bidding algorithms.

In addition to launching this new feature, Dstillery has been awarded its 20th* and 21st** patents. The Company’s 21st patent describes its proprietary method of searching for audiences, implemented in Audience Brief Genius.

With its recent patent achievements and audience discovery tool, Dstillery continues to lead the industry in leveraging data science and AI. The Company has been widely honored by industry publications and associations, including AdExchanger, Ad Age, Business Intelligence Group, Fast Company, and IAB Tech Lab.

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