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Emergn unveils Infinity Design System to power digital experiences

Infinity will help clients increase speed to market, scale products to market demand, and create consistent user experiences

Emergn, a global digital business services firm helping companies deliver valuable digital products and customer experiences faster, today released its Infinity Design System to reduce the time, cost, and effort clients spend to deliver digital products. The Infinity Design System is complemented by Emergn’s Experience Design capabilities, which ensure organizations are building the right products at the right time in the right way. Infinity provides a framework for organizations looking to compete in today’s digital-first economy.

The average mobile app loses 77% of its daily active users within three days of installation and a staggering 90% of daily active users within 30 days. Amid economic uncertainty, businesses can’t afford to have digital products fail at such a high rate. The Infinity Design System is a collection of design and code components, processes, and guidelines that provide organizations with a repeatable way to build digital user experiences consistently, efficiently, and at scale – increasing the likelihood of capturing market share. Infinity was constructed to help organizations apply Emergn’s VFQ principles so they can make a bigger impact on their customers – delivering value early and often, optimizing the flow of work end-to-end, and discovering quality with fast feedback.

The Infinity Design System is the perfect extension of Emergn’s Experience Design capabilities, empowering clients to focus on producing products that are insight-driven and customer-centric. Using the design system will free the resources an organization needs to better understand their customers, build accessible products, and provide personalized and seamless digital experiences. Paired with expertise in uncovering and delivering an organization’s most viable ideas, Emergn gives an organization all the tools necessary to release stand-out digital experiences.

“Bringing digital products to market is no easy task. To survive, organizations need to release products that please customers, work flawlessly, and deliver revenue to the business. With the Infinity Design System, we help organizations do just that,” said Alex Adamopoulos, founder and CEO of Emergn. “We’re focused solely on supporting organizations to find better ways of working, and Infinity helps them address the needs of their users in the most efficient way.”

“To develop first class, personalized, and data-driven experiences, designers and developers need to collaborate as efficiently as possible,” said Fredrik Hagstroem, CTO of Emergn. “With the Infinity Design System, design and code components mirror one another and design decisions are made using design tokens, making it possible to automate visual changes from design to code with minimal effort.”

You can find more information about Emergn’s Infinity Design System, and Experience Design on the Emergn website; there you will also find a whitepaper on how design systems power digital businesses.

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