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Enigmatic Group of Companies acquires Surgo Studios


Enigmatic Group of Companies, based in Ottawa, has officially acquired Surgo Studios, a leading Video Marketing agency in North America.

Growth and Strategy

Enigmatic Groups’ success is largely attributed to its subsidiary, Zap Media, a North American Digital Marketing Agency and Forbes Agency Council member. The acquisition of Surgo Studios is a strategic move that aligns with the digital transformation trends, specifically the growing importance of video content.

Leadership Perspectives

Sashien Godakandae, CEO of Enigmatic Group of Companies, states, The acquisition of Surgo Studios is a transformative step for us. It’s not just about expanding our organization’s portfolio; it’s about setting a new standard in the industry. This move opens up avenues for unprecedented innovation and growth, allowing us to redefine what video marketing can achieve.”

Daniyal Zafar, President of Enigmatic Group of Companies, states, “Our unique business model marries profitability with innovation. Acquiring Surgo Studios validates our approach, showing that profitability and innovation can coexist in digital marketing.”

Bryan Giron, CEO of Surgo Studios, states, “Joining Enigmatic Group of Companies is perfectly aligned with our future vision. It broadens our platform for growth and innovation, enabling us to scale new heights and deliver unparalleled results to our clients.”

Alexei Dela Cuesta, COO of Surgo Studios, says, “This acquisition is a game-changer for us. It equips us with the resources and platform to elevate our video marketing to new levels, pushing the boundaries like never before.”

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