Entravision announced the unveiling of Adwake

Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Adwake leads tech-driven global services

Entravision, a global ad-tech, media, and marketing solutions company, is proud to announce the unveiling of Adwake, the new brand name for its expanded mobile app promotion business division. Adwake, formerly known as Entravision Mobile Growth Solutions (MGS), seamlessly integrates MGS with the acquisition of BCNMonetize that took place in May 2023, featuring an even more robust supply and operations structure, and an innovative product-oriented approach.

The name and new branding for Adwake by Entravision aligns with the company’s delivery of top-notch growth services worldwide, combining proprietary cutting-edge marketing technology with industry expertise to empower clients to find, connect, and engage with their ideal customers across every screen.

“At Adwake, we prioritize performance above all. Our commitment is to support our clients in every step of their growth journey, maximizing their reach through carefully crafted omnichannel strategies, while leveraging the expertise of global specialists and in-house technology to ensure every investment is fully efficient. By maximizing return on investment and delivering sustainable growth, Adwake ensures an outcome-oriented approach that guarantees success,” said Lucas Ceballos, President of Adwake by Entravision.

Specifically, Adwake specializes in providing user acquisition solutions for the growing segment of mobile apps across different verticals, such as gaming, travel entertainment, fintech, retail, and food & beverage, which have shown recent exponential growth.

“In 2023, the global digital marketing business achieved a value of nearly $366 billion, according to EMR’s ‘Global Digital Marketing Market Outlook’[1], and this figure is expected to grow rapidly. We are dedicated to guiding our clients through the entire marketing funnel and the rebrand of our mobile growth business as Adwake underscores our commitment to empowering our global teams. This business division is at the forefront of developing technology and managing campaigns to ensure our clients’ businesses remain pioneering in the digital era,” said Michael Christenson, CEO of Entravision.

Over the past year, the mobile app industry continued to grow exponentially, with new app downloads reaching 257 billion and daily time spent per user rising to 5 hours, reflecting 6% year-over-year growth in 2023, according to in its State of Mobile 2024 Report[2].

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