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EROSKI signed an agreement to implement NIQ Activate

NIQ Activate allows retailers to leverage their own data to accelerate revenue streams

NIQ, the leading global measurement and analytics provider, announced that EROSKI, the first cooperative retail group in Spain and leader in the north of the Spanish market, has signed an agreement to implement NIQ Activate. The agreement marks EROSKI as the pioneering retail chain in Spain to adopt NIQ Activate.

NIQ Activate, a SaaS AI-based platform, enables meaningful engagements between retailers, brands, and customers. This collaboration aims to drive sales growth, foster customer loyalty, and strengthen brand collaboration, thereby enhancing overall profitability. Customers will benefit from tailored offers, an enriched shopping experience, and engaging advertisements, aligning with EROSKI’s loyalty programs like EROSKI Club and Club Caprabo.

“Leveraging our well-established loyalty programs, the NIQ Activate personalization solution will serve as an extension of our customer acquisition efforts, helping us to scale up our initiatives and provide them with the individualized offers they need, at the right time and through the right channels,” explains EROSKI’s Director of Customer and Club Development, Iker Pérez de Arenaza.

NIQ Activate, a technology-driven SaaS platform, integrates a unified interface and user experience. It empowers retailers by leveraging supply chain, customer, and category insights, offering an all-in-one solution for personalized experiences. The AI-powered system employs predictive analytics to decode each customer’s retail behaviour for targeted and personalized engagements. Its self-learning algorithms adapt to behavioural changes, ensuring scalability for large customer bases. The platform’s cloud-based infrastructure guarantees instant access to extensive retail intelligence and analytics, ensuring seamless processing without delays.

“EROSKI is a distribution chain with the vocation to advance in an increasingly personalized proposal for its customers and we are delighted to help the company expand its customer-centric omnichannel personalization program,” says Ángela López Antón, Retail Analytics Director at NIQ.

Xavier Facon, SVP Retail Media at NIQ, adds: “Leading retailers are shifting from Product-centric to Customer-first strategies empowered by personalization, and EROSKI is leading the way in Spain. Retailers that are looking to get a competitive edge should accelerate investments in personalization to improve the shopping experience across all channels leveraging consumer data analytics and activation. We are excited to be chosen by EROSKI to help increase customer loyalty and to strengthen their position in the market.”

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