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Extu Releases “Step on It: SMB & Mid-Market Sales Acceleration” eBook


Extu, a trailblazer in channel marketing technology, today announced the release of a new eBook titled “Step on It: SMB & Mid-Market Sales Acceleration”. This invaluable resource is designed to propel small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and mid-market companies to new heights by offering a playbook filled with advanced strategies and insights into sales acceleration.

“Step on It: SMB & Mid-Market Sales Acceleration” dives deep into the nuances of channel sales within trades industries like HVAC, construction, energy, and automotive, providing tailored strategies to help sales leaders excel in today’s dynamic market environment.

Key Features of the eBook:

  • Understanding Your Sales Channel: In-depth knowledge about specific market sectors and audiences, leveraging customer feedback, competitive analysis, and market trends to forge a significant competitive edge.
  • Building Better Customer Relationships: Techniques for establishing emotional connections and shared experiences, with practical advice on personalizing customer interactions to build loyalty and trust.
  • Using Cutting-Edge Technology to Enhance Sales Strategies: Exploration of how AI, automation, and CRM systems can supercharge sales processes, including practical tips on utilizing these technologies to enhance customer interaction and sales performance.

Nichole Gunn, Chief Marketing Officer at Extu, comments,

“Our eBook is crafted to turn challenges into strengths. With a focus on agility and innovation, we wanted to offer a comprehensive guide for mid-market sales leaders who are ready to push beyond their status quo and achieve exponential growth.”

“Step on It: SMB & Mid-Market Sales Acceleration” is available for free download on Extu’s website. Companies eager to accelerate their sales strategies and expand their market presence will find this eBook an essential tool.

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