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Fivetran introduces dbt Cloud Orchestration Integration

New integration enables joint customers to automate transformations post data load, reducing latency, cutting costs, and unlocking data’s full potential

Deepening its relationship with dbt Labs, Fivetran, the global leader in data integration, today announced its new orchestration integration with dbt Cloud, enabling enterprises to seamlessly manage data movement and transformations using the Fivetran platform. Now, with Fivetran as the hub, dbt Cloud transformations occur immediately and sequentially once data is loaded in a cloud data lake or warehouse, decreasing workflow inefficiencies and costs while ensuring businesses are powered by always-on data.

​​With a fully automated data pipeline, data teams no longer need to run data integration and transformations independently. Downstream data workflows are now synchronized to automatically run upon completion of fresh data load, rather than a set schedule as had previously been the case.

“We know this will help data teams operate more efficiently and cost-effectively thanks to Fivetran’s data orchestration,” said Mac Noland, Co-Founder and Chief Data Officer at phData. “We even use this internally and find that our dbt Cloud and Fivetran instances are now fully synchronized and automated, reducing the time our team spends on pipeline build and maintenance to near null. This means our team – and our clients’ teams – can now focus on more strategic projects, while saving money since compute isn’t engaged until there’s new data available.”

The new Fivetran-dbt Cloud orchestration innovation streamlines data practices, complexities and costs, while also ensuring companies can do more with their data. In a time where data provides a significant competitive advantage, an automated pipeline is essential. It helps companies make the most informed data-driven decisions and builds the foundation for next-generation data projects.

“dbt Cloud is designed to help teams manage the complexity of their modern data environments so they can ship trusted data, faster,” said Luis Maldonado, VP Product of dbt Labs. “By automatically triggering dbt Cloud jobs to run when upstream data loads are complete, our over 1,000 shared customers can avoid tedious manual orchestration and have confidence that decisions are being made from the freshest data possible.”

The new dbt Cloud integration adds to Fivetran’s existing offerings that are aimed to help organizations get from raw data to insights faster, including Fivetran’s Quickstart and pre-built data models.

“Our dbt Cloud integration delivers one platform to manage and automate end-to-end ELT pipelines with built-in choice. It allows for an organization’s entire pipeline to be fully managed and integrated, letting data teams focus more on data work versus pipeline management,” said Helge Scheil, EVP of Engineering at Fivetran. “This integration further underscores our commitment to providing our customers with a central platform that acts as a data foundation, regardless of the other tools they choose to build with.”

The Fivetran data platform centralizes all of a company’s data into a cloud data lake, lakehouse or warehouse with 99.9% guaranteed uptime so that businesses can quickly and easily get the insights they need to accelerate innovation, improve decision-making and increase productivity across their organization. Fivetran’s business value has been validated via a recent study by IDC, a global provider of market intelligence and advisory services. The study found that Fivetran customers saw an annual cost savings of over $177,000, achieved $1.5M in average productivity benefits, and realized a three-year return on investment of 459%. In addition, Fivetran was recently named a Challenger in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Data Integration.

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