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Fluent and Fyllo | Semasio announce new partnership


Fluent Inc., a leader in performance marketing, has selected Fyllo | Semasio, the leading provider of next-gen contextual targeting solutions powered by advanced semantic technology, to launch a contextual advertising solution with Semasio’s technology built to ensure consumer privacy.

The partnership couples Fluent’s first-party survey data sourced exclusively from its owned and operated sites with Semasio’s advanced semantic targeting. The combination results in unique and incremental audiences of consumers with similar interests and behaviors that can be targeted through buy-side platforms.

Contextual advertising informed by customized first-party survey data presents a unique opportunity to target new audiences according to the online locations they are most likely to frequent. And because the target is the media – and not individuals or even cohorts – consumer privacy is 100% protected.

The Fluent-Fyllo | Semasio collaboration is particularly noteworthy to the healthcare industry, which has been slow to embrace digital advertising due to the heightened privacy and regulatory concerns in that sector. Contextual advertising aids pharma companies by complying with all laws and regulations to engage with very specific audiences and initiate meaningful conversations.

“This partnership marks an expansion of Fluent’s solution suite into the realm of contextual marketing,” said Morgan Rigsbee, VP of Product & Strategy, Audience Solutions at Fluent. “By leveraging Fyllo | Semasio’s capabilities, we think that pharma and political campaigns will benefit from this new and unique opportunity to connect with target consumers in privacy-compliant ways. But because consumer privacy is everyone’s concern, we expect to be building custom targets for a wide variety of verticals.”

“Contextual targeting is set to revolutionize the post-cookie digital advertising world, offering a privacy-compliant solution right from the start,” stated Jeff Ragovin, CEO of Fyllo | Semasio. “Through this partnership, we aim to help advertisers discover fresh interests and locations within a target audience, opening up innovative avenues for customer engagement. We’re thrilled about the opportunities this collaboration with Fluent presents.”

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