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Fortune & Accenture to launch New Global AI Conference Series in 2024

Fortune and Accenture team up for "Brainstorm AI 2024: The New Race for AI," a series of conferences taking place in London, Singapore, and San Francisco

Fortune and Accenture today announced the expansion of Fortune’s Brainstorm AI conferences as a new global series in 2024, to be held in major cities across the world. The new conference series will be announced today by Fortune CEO Alan Murray at Fortune’s Brainstorm AI 2023 conference in San Francisco.

The new global conference series – Brainstorm AI 2024: The New Race for AI – will take place in three major and strategically located cities in 2024:

  • London (April 15-16)
  • Singapore (July 30-31)
  • San Francisco (December 9-10)

Each will have a regional focus, highlighting the challenges and dynamic marketplaces in AI for the companies, investors, and customers in those respective regions and countries. Fortune’s expansion of its AI conference to a year-long global series reflects the ground-breaking developments in the technology, remarkable investment in the space, and rapidly increasing importance of Artificial Intelligence to the business community and beyond.

“Fortune has a long history of comprehensive and in-depth AI-focused coverage, from our Eye on AI newsletter to timely cover stories about leading innovators in the space,” said Alyson Shontell, Editor-in-Chief and Chief Content Officer. “Bringing these stories to our live events platform is a continuation of that focus. We are excited to evolve and expand Brainstorm AI on a global scale by calling on our editorial depth and expertise in AI.”

“We’re excited to partner with Fortune in launching this new Brainstorm AI conference series that is designed to help companies move from interest to value on generative AI,” said Sen Ramani, Accenture’s global lead of data and AI. “We believe AI has the power to transform industries, reinvent businesses, and increase human potential. And we look forward to bringing together a unique ecosystem of leaders, academia and start-ups to discuss the latest developments, challenges and opportunities in this rapidly evolving space.”

Accenture’s partnership on developing the new global series builds on its role as the founding sponsorship partner of Fortune Brainstorm AI. This year’s Brainstorm AI conference marks the third consecutive year Accenture has been the founding partner of the annual Fortune AI conference; the first Brainstorm AI conference was held in Boston in 2021. Accenture, a long-term partner with Fortune, is also the founding sponsor of Fortune’s closely followed Eye On AI newsletter, launched in early 2019.

Previous Fortune Brainstorm AI conferences have been moments that draw together disparate members of the AI community, including company founders, tech CEOS and CTOs, venture capital firms, professors, and key policymakers from leading companies and institutions such as Apple, DeepMind, Google and Bard, IBM, iKhan Academy, Intuit, Khosla Ventures, LucasFilm, Pfizer, Walmart, White House Office of Science & Technology Policy, Salesforce, Stanford University, Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI, Wells Fargo, Workday, among many others.

Fortune’s Brainstorm AI 2024 conference series will again bring together the top minds among startups, Fortune 500 companies, investors, policymakers, and academics to discuss this pivotal moment for AI and the challenges to come.

Topics will include:

  • The latest advances in generative AI
  • AI regulation and privacy laws
  • How to mitigate risk: hallucinations, deep fakes, misinformation and more
  • How companies can make AI accessible across an organization
  • Intellectual property and AI
  • Public/private collaborations
  • Beyond regulation: How do we know the right guardrails are in place
  • The future of work
  • And more

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