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Genuine announced the launch of a new brand identity


Genuine, a leading digital experience agency part of Jack Morton, announces the launch of a new brand identity. The updated look and feel for the agency are based on its new innovative brand strategy, prioritizing accessibility, and digital best practices at its core. This transformative initiative represents a significant milestone for the company as it redefines its identity to align with its values and capabilities closely.

The new brand, which debuted on Genuine’s website and social channels, was crafted by its creative and strategy team, who seized the opportunity to create a digital-first brand that reflects its passions and capabilities and serves as a beacon of authenticity and inspiration in the industry.

“Our goal was clear from the outset: to update our brand to not only showcase our expertise but also embody our genuine spirit,” said Jen Poirier, EVP, Managing Director, Genuine. “We approached this endeavor with the same rigor and creativity that we bring to our client projects, ensuring that every aspect of our brand reflects our unique identity and values.”

Key highlights of Genuine brand revitalization include:

  • Rebuilding the Brand. Genuine embarked on a comprehensive rebranding effort, starting from the ground up. Drawing on its rich heritage and distinctive traits, the company refined its elevator pitch, positioning, purpose, mission, vision, values, and agency offerings to better resonate with its audience.

  • Visual Identity. Every touchpoint of the brand prioritizes digital best practices, ensuring a user-focused, accessible, transparent, dynamic, and engaging experience. From typography designed for screen readability to a simplified color system crafted for digital devices, Genuine’s new visual identity sets new standards for authenticity and inclusivity.

  • Website Overhaul. As the cornerstone of its digital presence, Genuine’s website sets new benchmarks for user experience and accessibility. With a focus on stand-out simplicity and a genuine voice, the website delivers on the agency’s critical differentiators while ensuring accessibility for all users.

  • Brand Camp. To roll out the brand internally, Genuine developed an engaging program aimed at turning employees into brand ambassadors. Through interactive sessions and challenges, employees were empowered to contribute to the brand’s development, fostering a culture of support and collaboration.

“Genuine’s new brand reflects the evolution of the agency and its commitment to deliver honest insights and impactful experiences that create genuine connections with audiences worldwide. It also directly reflects Jack Morton’s vision to inspire the world to experience better,” said Craig Millon, CEO at Genuine and Global Co-President at Jack Morton. “This demonstration of authenticity, innovation, and inclusivity proves that our agency continues to reimagine what brand experience can be.”

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