Glewee releases Influencer Marketing Trends for SMBs in 2024


Today, Glewee, the easiest and fastest all-in-one influencer marketing platform for small and midsize businesses (SMBs), released six pivotal trends set to shape the landscape for small businesses in 2024. As companies seek to navigate the complexities of online engagement and brand promotion, Glewee’s insights offer a strategic roadmap for leveraging influencer marketing effectively.

These emerging trends, distilled from extensive market analysis and consumer behavior studies, are not just about keeping pace with the digital zeitgeist; they are about empowering small businesses to forge meaningful connections with their audiences, harnessing the transformative power of influencer collaborations to drive growth and brand loyalty in an increasingly competitive market.

The currency of influence is becoming a major investment for SMBs. Today, almost five billion users consume social media content. In 2024, 67% of marketers are set to increase their influencer marketing budgets, with 23% allocating nearly half of their total marketing budget to influencer collaborations. In 2024, the creator economy and influencer marketing industry are expected to generate $7.14B.

Influencer Marketing Trends for SMBs in 2024

1. More Small Brands Will Amplify Reach Through Strategic Influencer Collaborations
Before 2023, many small brands considered influencer marketing too expensive and more suited for larger, established companies. This viewpoint rapidly evolved, with small brands realizing the substantial benefits of influencer collaborations and expanded access to nano and micro creators. These partnerships are both viable and effective for enhancing market reach and presence.

The strategy for small brands now involves forging long-term relationships with influencers to maintain a consistent brand narrative and using influencers’ unique talents to create niche content that appeals to specific audiences.

“With platforms like Glewee offering free starter levels, running an influencer marketing campaign is easier, more affordable and more accessible for SMBs than ever before,” said Dylan Duke, Founder and CEO of Glewee. “Ease of use, affordability and accessibility are small business requirements, making it possible for them to place their campaigns in front of the right audience with just a click. Small and midsize businesses will be more serious players in the influencer market in 2024.”

2. Balancing AI and Human Touch in Influencer Marketing
As the trend of incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into influencer marketing grows, SMBs must navigate this shift carefully. Influencers increasingly use AI tools to create content, which can improve efficiency and content quality. However, SMBs must ensure that this integration of AI does not overshadow the human element that is pivotal in influencer marketing. The authenticity and relatability of influencer content largely hinge on its human touch – an aspect that resonates deeply with audiences and fosters genuine connections. Therefore, while leveraging AI for its benefits, maintaining a balance where the influencer’s personal and authentic style shines through is crucial for the success of these marketing campaigns. SMBs can help influencers maintain authenticity and connect with the products or services by providing more high-quality information and allowing influencers to interact with products and services before a campaign launch.

3. TikTok Will Continue to Drive Screen Time and Ad Spending
TikTok’s influencer marketing spend is expected to exceed $1.3 billion in 2024, affirming its significant role in digital marketing. Its diverse user base and high engagement rates make it a vital platform for SMBs to reach various audience segments, especially Generation Z, with users spending more time on TikTok than on other social media platforms.

TikTok is evolving beyond content consumption with new e-commerce features like live shopping, turning it into an active marketplace. By offering SMBs fresh opportunities for promotion and sales, TikTok has positioned itself as a competitor to platforms like Amazon. Its enhanced advertising and e-commerce capabilities will draw more ad investments, presenting a valuable chance for SMBs to effectively engage with their target audiences.

“Brands using Glewee can access thousands of TikTok influencers, ranging from micro to macro levels,” stated Christian Brown, co-founder and CMO of Glewee. “Our creators collectively boast over 1 billion TikTok followers, enabling SMBs and marketers to globally connect with consumers via influencer marketing on Glewee.”

4. Brands and Influencers Will Embrace Specialization and Niche Focus in Influencer Marketing
The influencer market is rapidly evolving towards niche specialization. As the number of influencers grows, standing out with a unique niche becomes essential for success. This specialization allows influencers to distinguish themselves and forge more meaningful, long-term partnerships with brands.

For SMBs, this shift offers a chance to engage with influencers with a dedicated following in particular niches. Partnering with these influencers can yield more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

5. User-generated Content Will Outshine Traditional Ads
User-generated content (UGC) is becoming a cornerstone for SMBs, from websites to social media and digital storefronts. UGC’s authenticity and organic nature make it more captivating in a market where traditional ads are often overlooked, and it is finally within the reach of SMBs.

Notably, UGC is a cost-effective approach for SMBs as collaborations with UGC creators can be affordable and result in authentic, creative content. With its growing popularity, UGC will continue to be a go-to strategy for small businesses to authentically connect with their audiences, marking a shift away from traditional paid digital advertising.

6. The Convergence of Influencer Content and Traditional Advertising in 2024.
Influencer content is poised to blend with traditional advertising, indicating a strategic shift for brands. The focus is on maximizing influencer partnerships by repurposing their content for digital and paid ads, aiming to combine traditional advertising’s reach with influencer content’s authenticity. Brands are set to include paid ad provisions in influencer contracts, targeting niche audiences with more authentic content and preparing to increase campaign budgets. This shift suggests an omnichannel advertising approach, where influencer content links digital strategies with traditional media for a unified marketing effort – at a price point that SMBs can justify.

These six trends highlight a significant opportunity for SMBs to leverage influencer marketing more effectively and competitively. As influencer marketing becomes more accessible and affordable, thanks partly to platforms like Glewee, small businesses are now fully positioned to embrace these evolving strategies. The result is a landscape where influencer marketing is viable for businesses of all sizes and essential for those looking to thrive in an increasingly digital and connected world.

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