Graphite unveils New AI-Driven Topical SEO Platform

The technology, which has powered winning SEO strategies for hyper-growth agency clients for years, is now available to any organization as a self-service SaaS offering

Graphite, the AI-enabled SEO agency co-founded by Ethan Smith and Marcos Ciarrocchi, today unveiled a first-of-its-kind topical SEO platform, powered by AI, called the Graphite Platform. For years, hyper-growth companies like MasterClass, Notion, BetterUp, and Webflow have leveraged Graphite technology to successfully scale their SEO efforts. Now, this technology is available as a self-service SaaS product to any organization that wants to grow with SEO.

Most companies are in need of a massive SEO strategy overhaul. Outdated practices such as keyword-based SEO lead to wasted time, effort, and money. Recent Graphite research shows that it’s common for 95% of blog articles to drive little to no impact. After rigorous analysis, experimentation, and reproduction of impactful results across its client portfolio, Graphite has found a more effective approach: a topics-based SEO strategy focusing on quality content and Topical Authority.

Introducing the Graphite Platform

The Graphite Platform combines advanced AI and machine learning with Graphite’s deep experience in Topical SEO to make SEO accessible to everyone. Most notably, Graphite’s AI team (now 10 people) has spent the past four years building its Topic Graph, a database that clusters hundreds of millions of keywords into topics. Graphite has also developed an industry-first, proprietary algorithm that analyzes a site’s Topical Authority for any topic, a ranking signal verified by Google in 2023. In early 2024, Graphite published research showing that their Topical Authority score helps companies prioritize topics that generate traffic significantly faster.

“We have taken everything we’ve learned about what drives impact and used it to build a next generation SEO platform,” said Ethan Smith, co-founder and CEO of Graphite. “It’s made for any marketer, writer, or leader who believes that SEO can be a core revenue driver, whether they have deep SEO expertise, or whether they’re just getting started.”

The Graphite Platform accelerates impact by helping organizations:

  • Research and prioritize high-impact topics and build a three-month content pipeline in a single day. In contrast, this typically takes a content strategist or SEO agency several weeks or months.

  • Uncover topics with high Topical Authority, increasing a site’s likelihood to rank and get traffic.

  • Write content that optimizes for a topic, helping a single article rank for hundreds of keywords, which maximizes traffic potential and increases ROI.

  • Monitor existing content in real-time, helping teams prioritize optimizations that lead to ongoing, high-impact traffic improvements.

“Much of the interest in AI for content creation is in auto-generating content. We’ve invested heavily in AI, but are more focused on using it to give marketers access to additional data, automate tedious tasks, and provide writing assistance, enabling them to work smarter and faster while producing high-quality content,” said Gregory Druck, Chief AI Officer at Graphite. “Our patent pending AI algorithms are continually retrained based on outcomes, creating feedback loops that ensure we always provide highly impactful recommendations to our customers.”

For the past year, Graphite has worked with a select group of beta customers, many of which have recorded significant early results. For example, Fourthwall, a platform used by over 50,000 creators to sell products online, has grown website traffic by 2301% and increased SEO-based revenue by 936% in just 9 months.

“Before using the Graphite Platform, we knew SEO should be a growth driver for our business, but we lacked expertise and made several unsuccessful attempts. Our content either did not perform or, if it did, we could not figure out how to replicate it,” said Will Baumann, co-founder and CEO of Fourthwall. “We just needed the right guidance. The Graphite Platform immediately skyrocketed our abilities and made clear, measurable impacts on our business.”

To sign up or to learn more about the Graphite Platform, available today, visit

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