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Green Street partners with Snowflake

--Market participants can now leverage the power of the data cloud by accessing Green Street's commercial real estate data and analytics in real time via the Snowflake platform--
Green Street

Green Street, the preeminent provider of actionable commercial real estate intelligence and analytics, has partnered with Snowflake to engage with its Data Cloud to deliver real-time U.S. and Pan-European commercial real estate intelligence in an easily accessible format.

“Green Street is committed to delivering seamlessly connected commercial real estate data, analytics, research and news on both the public and private real estate markets in various formats,” said John Guilfoy, Chief Product Officer for Green Street. “This collaboration gives clients yet another means to easily extract extensive time series data and predictive analytics – such as cap rates, market grades, and forecasts – and seamlessly integrate them into their own company models, internal systems, and daily workflows. We are excited to partner with Snowflake for this new method of data delivery.”

Some key Snowflake capabilities include:

  • Real-time updates: New data and analytics are automatically updated in Snowflake.
  • Integrations: Market participants can connect to their company’s preferred integrations, including BI/dashboarding tools, internal databases and more.

For additional information on Green Street’s Market Data & Analytics and contact information, visit Snowflake Data Marketplace.

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