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Greenbids Selects Magnite for Reducing Digital Ads Carbon Impact

Trial campaign with French advertiser successfully reduced carbon output by 24% while maintaining strong performance

Magnite (NASDAQ: MGNI), the world’s largest independent omnichannel sell-side advertising company, and Greenbids, an industry leader in sustainable advertising AI optimization solutions, today announced a partnership to help reduce carbon emissions generated by digital advertising ad calls while preserving campaign performance. Magnite is the first SSP to share traffic shaping data with Greenbids to help inform efficient ad selection. The collaboration is live in the UK and France, with plans to extend globally.

According to Scope3, ad selection accounts for 60.7% of total carbon emissions from programmatic advertising impressions – the largest share in the supply chain. Reducing ineffective bid requests has the effect of reducing carbon impact with no adverse impact on performance.

Greenbids was founded with the vision to harmonize profitability with environmental responsibility and utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to maximize advertising effectiveness while minimizing resource consumption. Greenbids’ innovative solutions help drive superior campaign performance and also help significantly reduce the carbon footprint of digital advertising campaigns. Greenbids AI is active in DSPs to support a wide range of advertisers with their global activations.

Based on Greenbids’ analysis, the addition of Magnite’s traffic shaping data reduced carbon emissions compared to the control. A trial campaign conducted with a French advertiser, a leading international insurance company, yielded a 24% reduction in overall carbon output while still delivering the same performance.

“The pursuit of environmental responsibility and digital advertising performance can be achieved in tandem through more efficient paths to supply,” said Julie Selman, Head of EMEA at Magnite. “By enriching Greenbids’ innovative solutions with our advanced traffic shaping data, we can extend the ability to bid more effectively with the ecosystem at large. We look forward to the continued collaboration with Greenbids to improve sustainability outcomes while delivering successful advertising results.”

“Thanks to the data provided by Magnite, we are able to substantially increase our sustainable ad performance through their supply path while simultaneously reducing our client’s campaign carbon impact,” said Guillaume Grimbert, CEO of Greenbids. “This partnership showcases immense industry beneficial potential. The integration of Magnite’s data can revolutionize how we approach sustainable advertising campaigns.”

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