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Hawke Media Acquires Leverage Marketing

Hawke Media

Today, Hawke Media announced the acquisition of Leverage Marketing, an industry leading digital marketing agency. This acquisition marks a major step forward in the growth journey of both companies.

“We are incredibly excited at the opportunity to team up with Leverage Marketing,” said Erik Huberman, CEO and founder of Hawke Media. “Leverage is a serious force in the marketing world and the benefits of combining forces are going to create some serious impact for our mutual clients and the marketing world at large.”

“Leverage Marketing and Hawke Media are excited to join forces in a collaboration that promises to unlock unprecedented growth potential for our customers,” states Bob Kehoe, CEO of Leverage Marketing. “This alliance will provide our customers with access to pioneering industry tools, empowering them to excel in optimizing customer acquisition and retention strategies across various channels.”

Hawke Media has quickly become one of the most respected names in marketing thanks to its innovative approach and commitment to results. The company has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands such as K Swiss, Proactiv, Red Bull & Crocs. With this acquisition, Hawke Media adds Leverage Marketing’s advanced use of software to streamline performance marketing and services to its repertoire of offerings. This will enable Hawke Media’s clients to gain a competitive edge by leveraging cutting edge marketing tactics that are tailored specifically to their business needs.

The combination of these two companies is a perfect match – each brings something unique but complementary to the table that can help their clients succeed on all fronts. With this acquisition, Hawke Media looks forward to bringing its expertise in performance marketing together with Leverage Marketing’s e-commerce platform capabilities for unparalleled innovation in digital marketing solutions. While the company has worked with many ecommerce companies, the capabilities of the brand do not stop there. Leverage like Hawke works with any company that is looking to generate leads and launch their business into the next level online.

“We have always been committed to helping our clients achieve success through effective marketing strategies,” said Huberman. “With this acquisition, we are taking another big step towards fulfilling that mission.”

Leverage Marketing is a full-service digital marketing company. The brand tackles everything from data analytics to strategic planning to the complete execution of the digital marketing strategies it creates. Leverage Marketing also has a long track record of success working with top brands such as Berkshire Hathaway, GORUCK, Belle Medical, and Brett Robinson Vacation Rentals across multiple industries including retail, technology, and finance. Besides earned media, paid media, and consulting, Leverage is also expert-level at integrating CRM systems into a company’s marketing platform.

With this partnership, these two industry powerhouses will be able to offer more comprehensive solutions for their clients than ever before – from driving growth through data-backed strategies to managing complex customer journeys across multiple platforms.

“We couldn’t be more excited about what this partnership means for our customers,” said Kehoe. “It gives them access to an unmatched suite of services from two experienced teams who understand the significance of keeping businesses fresh and forward-thinking in today’s world.”

This strategic move further solidifies Hawke Media’s position as a leader in performance marketing while allowing both companies’ customers access to cutting- edge technologies designed specifically for their needs – helping them reach their goals faster than ever before!

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