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How the Willy Wonka fiasco demonstrates need for regulations in AI ads


Over the past few days if you haven’t seen the Willy Wonka experience fiasco, where have you been? 

The event was advertised as an immersive experience online using AI-generated imagery – images which would later come under fire when the event turned out to be the opposite of what paying customers expected.

Experts at Bynder, the global leader in Digital Asset Management (DAM), explain the use of AI in advertising and why we need to be mindful of the ethics and advertising standards when using it.

Steve Vinall, Director of Global Brand and Communications at Bynder weighs in on how these high quality AI images being used for advertising can be dangerous.

“AI-generated images have their place within the marketing industry and can be useful for a number of reasons. On this occasion it is a good example of why companies need to be aware of the risks of using AI, especially within advertising.”

“The Wonka experience shows that an increased accessibility to high quality AI image generation could cause issues for brands. All ads need to adhere to strict advertising standards, however in the case of using AI to create realistic looking imagery, false advertising could be on the rise.”

“It’s in brands best interest, as well as their customers, to ensure all AI generated content is disclosed as such, in order to ensure transparency and not partake in false advertising practices.”

“It could be argued that AI doesn’t pose any false advertising risks which weren’t there before it became mainstream. However, the sheer volume of people who now have access to AI to create these high quality images may mean that they are used more frequently in ads.” 

“Currently advertising laws don’t specifically address AI-generated content, but with the ever changing landscape and growth of the technology we can only expect this to change soon. Despite this, advertising laws still apply to this AI-generated content, meaning advertisers should be aware of the risks associated with misleading consumers.”

“As more and more people get access to these tools it’s important that we all have an understanding of responsible AI use and when and where this must be disclosed.”

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