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Ibotta debuts Experiential Campaign

In-person experiences and augmented reality “Make It Rain” real cash for consumers

Ibotta, a leading cash back rewards and performance marketing platform, debuted its Make It Rain experiential campaign. Consumers in New York, Chicago and Denver will be gifted with free cash back at eye-catching in-person activations while shoppers nationwide can earn additional cash back online through augmented reality (AR) experiences. The campaign aims to provide some lighthearted relief to consumers as they continue to feel the pressure of inflation on their budgets and the sticker shock of rising prices.

The campaign launches with an interactive art installation at the Oculus in New York City from March 19-23, expanding to Chicago’s Union Station from April 2-6, and Ball Arena in Denver later in April. ​​Inspired by Ibotta’s tagline, ‘Cash back every time you shop,’ the campaign showers consumers in cash, mirroring how Ibotta users earn cash back with each purchase. The average Ibotta Saver earns $256 per year in cash back on thousands of popular brands.

“At Ibotta, we’re in the giving away money business,” said Chief Marketing Officer, Rich Donahue. “Since we started in 2012, we’ve had more than 50 million consumers sign up for Ibotta looking for value, and we’ve made it rain with about $1.8 billion credited to their accounts. Now, more than ever, consumers are feeling the effects of rising costs, and we hoped to bring a bit of levity along with our steady dose of cash back.”

In each of the three cities, Ibotta will welcome the local community into an immersive experience beneath the clouds. Life size installations will simulate white, puffy clouds. Visitors will walk through the space, enjoying social media friendly backdrops and photo opportunities, while also having the chance to be showered in cash which will happen at random throughout the day.

Nationwide, U.S. residents will be able to celebrate the Make It Rain moment through Ibotta’s first-ever AR experience, where they can make it rain cash virtually, no matter their physical location. Via QR codes the AR experience will come to life, brewing up a cash back storm where consumers can collect digital cash that falls from the sky to win cash back rewards. TikTok users can also get in on the fun with a custom Make It Rain filter. Once the clouds have taken over the screen, users try to catch as much cash as possible. Prize amounts range from $2 to $100 when signing up for Ibotta with the AR referral code. On top of those digital games, Savers should keep an eye out for notifications from Ibotta because when it literally rains in their location, Ibotta is giving app users more opportunities to win cash.

“Cash, cash, and more cash,” continued Donahue, “we’re just trying to do our part with our retail and brand partners to ease some of the pressure on the consumer.”

Terms and conditions for all campaign prizing can be found here. Participants must be registered Ibotta users to win cash back.

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