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Impact Media, an innovative newcomer in digital ad, announces launch

New AI-powered Guaranteed Attention platform solves today's media quality challenges and tomorrow's behavioral targeting standoff
Impact Media

Impact Media, an innovative newcomer in the digital advertising space, announces its launch. Dedicated to serving brands and independent advertising agencies, Impact Media introduces a visionary model where clients only pay for ads that have captured the attention of their audiences. This launch marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of enabling advertisers to cut through a noisy marketplace offering optimization to outmoded metrics, finally delivering them the attention their brands deserve, on premium media publishers, guaranteed.

In an era where ad visibility and quality remain a challenge, Impact Media’s Guaranteed Attention Suite offers a new advantage for advertisers seeking business outcomes they can trust. “Our mission is to bridge the gap between ad spending and actual ad attention,” said Wayne Blodwell, CEO of Impact Media. “We believe that advertisers should not have to pay for ads that haven’t received the attention their brand deserves. Our approach ensures that every ad we charge clients for is an ad delivered to a real person, paying real attention, on a premium website, making every campaign more cost-effective and impactful.”

At launch, Impact Media products are focused on billing clients only when a display ad is seen for one second or a video ad is seen for 3 seconds. The products will roll out to CTV and audio, and the billing points will vary depending on the needs of the individual brands.

Attention solves advertisers’ media quality and audience engagement challenges, while also providing a sustainable path forward as traditional targeting methodologies wane or become obsolete altogether. Today, marketers seeking quality reach are forced to buy against a large basket of traditional metrics like engagement, viewability, CTR, CPC, and custom quality CPMs, in the hopes that these will triangulate usefully into brand growth. With Impact Media’s Guaranteed Attention Suite, marketers focus ad spend on audiences that give their brands bona-fide, measurable attention, which improves those traditional metrics dramatically.

To guide its strategic direction and innovation pipeline, Impact Media is backed by an esteemed group of advisors and investors comprising industry veterans and thought leaders, including Matt BarashShailin DharNadia Gonzalez, Simon Harris, Dan KershJoseph LeonRory PatersonDoug RayMatt Sattel, Ruben Schreurs, Angela Solk, and Erich Wasserman. This diverse group brings a wealth of experience from across the advertising spectrum, ensuring that Impact Media is at the forefront of industry trends and customer needs.

“Impact Media is poised to create meaningful change for digital advertisers seeking accountable results,” said Nadia Gonzalez, an investor and advisor to Impact Media who held the CMO seat for Scibids AI, which DoubleVerify recently acquired. “Blodwell’s hands-on experience and highly regarded knowledge of media buying are unmatched in the industry. His vision for Impact Media is prescient and comes at a time when it’s important for advertisers to adopt new and superior metrics. The technology developed by his team, which leverages purpose-built artificial intelligence, analytics, and deep industry knowledge, will bolster a new era of media buying, and I couldn’t be more excited for this venture.”

Impact Media invites brands and advertising agencies to experience the future of digital advertising — a future where attention is guaranteed, and advertising budgets are spent wisely.

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