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Infobip showcases Conversational Experiences at HubSpot INBOUND Conference

Infobip will take over select Uber cars to demo the new tech in an interactive way

Infobip, the world’s number one global cloud communications platform, today announced its sponsorship of a session at the highly anticipated HubSpot INBOUND Conference in Boston from September 5th to 8th. With a remarkable blend of incubator-like energy and accelerator-level intellect, INBOUND showcases innovation, creativity, and culture to propel industries forward for the greater collective good.

Infobip is set to take the stage at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center with a compelling 1.5-hour deep dive session on the cutting-edge collaboration between Infobip, HubSpot, and WhatsApp to create a functional out-of-the-box integration. Featuring presentations from industry experts Emily Flannigan, Head of Marketing for Infobip North America, and Faron Achziger, Senior Sales Engineer, the session will center around leveraging WhatsApp’s conversational capabilities for personalized interactions for marketing, sales and support, with a focus on hyper-personalization, automation, and 24/7 availability to transform customer interactions.

Taking the conversational experience to the streets, Infobip is turning heads by wrapping Uber cars in the vibrant city with eye-catching branding, including a custom QR code directing users to test Infobip’s e-ecommerce chatbot. The innovative Uber wrap is a dynamic way to create buzz and draw attention to Infobip’s retail/commerce chatbot that is redefining customer engagement.

“Consumers want faster one-to-one interactions with their favorite brands. Being part of the HubSpot INBOUND Conference is a tremendous opportunity to highlight Infobip’s position at the forefront of the conversational AI revolution, as well as our relationships with companies like WhatsApp,” said Emily Flannigan. “With conversational experiences, enterprises can communicate with customers in a natural, human-like and personalized conversation at each point of their customer journey and over their preferred communication channel.”

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