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InfoSum announces partnership with DIRECTV

InfoSum, the world’s leading data collaboration platform, today announced a deal with DIRECTV Advertising to create a first-party data-matching solution for advertisers.

Built on InfoSum’s data clean room technology, this innovative solution enables advertisers to compare their first-party data against the cross-platform audience of millions of DIRECTV and DIRECTV STREAM viewers to plan, activate, and measure highly targeted and relevant advertising campaigns in a privacy-first way, without relying on third-party identifiers. By enabling these direct collaborations with its advertisers, this solution can provide more efficient and effective customer experiences, delivering greater return on investment and return on ad spend as well as maximising yield, while fully respecting user privacy.  

DIRECTV Advertising is the leader in addressable and audience-based TV and streaming and has invested in data collaboration capabilities to provide the most comprehensive advertising solutions to the marketplace. This new collaboration will allow DIRECTV Advertising to tap into InfoSum’s network of rich data partners to generate new insights about subscribers, enrich audience segments, and create a competitive advantage to generate greater demand for its media.

“DIRECTV Advertising has decades of experience helping advertisers to reach their audience across linear and streaming in the most premium TV environments, while simultaneously using data to identify, reach, and measure the impact of specific campaigns against the brand’s business goals,” said Amy Leifer, Chief Advertising Sales Officer at DIRECTV Advertising. “We meet clients where they are, and this relationship with InfoSum allows us to put privacy at the centre of our first-party data approach, and bring greater value to our clients and partners.”

“InfoSum is delighted to work with DIRECTV Advertising as it enhances its industry-leading digital advertising solutions,” said Brian Lesser, Chairman & CEO at InfoSum. ”In today’s landscape, customer-centric businesses are increasingly putting consumer privacy first. InfoSum’s industry-leading data clean room technology empowers our partners and their clients to engage in cutting-edge advertising collaborations without risking data exposure, leakage or misuse.”

About InfoSum: InfoSum is the world’s leading data collaboration platform and the only secure data clean room, empowering companies to deliver better customer experiences while prioritizing customer privacy. InfoSum enables safe connections between multiple parties to unlock the full potential of their customer data without risk of exposure or misuse. InfoSum not only prioritizes consumer privacy, but enhances it with patented, non-movement of data technology to create the most protected, most connected, and most accessible data collaboration network.

InfoSum was founded in 2016 with a vision to connect the world’s data without ever sharing it. The company has multiple patents, protecting its invention of the ‘non-movement of data.’ InfoSum is based in the US, UK, Europe, and Australia.


ABOUT DIRECTV Advertising: 

DIRECTV Advertising is a pioneer in the converged addressable space, delivering industry leading audience-based, digital, and innovative media solutions. Employing our decades of experience, we empower advertisers to address and engage their audience at scale while continuously measuring campaign impact against brand goals to unlock insights and optimise future campaigns. 

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