INMO officially launched its app

Birmingham, Alabama-based company INMO launches scoreboard with giveaways on its new social media app for creators.

INMO, a new social media platform, has officially launched its app, available for download on the App Store and Google Play. INMO was made for creators to showcase and be rewarded for their original content—and if you’ve never heard of it, it’s probably because other social media apps aren’t allowing INMO to advertise on their platforms.

The INMO app brings something new to the market, with a more transparent algorithm and users dictating the market. “INMO is doing something that’s never been done before, as it’s made for creators by creators, and we’re looking to drive competition and collaboration while leveling the playing field,” said INMO Founder Blake Patterson. “The INMO Scoreboard (patent pending) allows creators to see where they rank in real time, so we’re operating with a transparency that’s never been seen before.”

Patterson is a serial entrepreneur, formerly founding Simpeo, a professional employee organization (PEO) provider. Simpeo was acquired by Group Management Services, the largest privately-owned PEO in the United States, in January. While Patterson suspects the in-app competition will enthrall users who feel more control, he also recognizes INMO will likely become a competitor to existing social media platforms like Meta, which, at the time of this press release, isn’t allowing INMO to run ads on its platform.

A large part of INMO’s continuous tech expansions is built on the blockchain (Web3), meaning any data, including interactions, achievements, and content, is securely stored to enhance user experience and transparency. Uploaded content is owned by the users themselves rather than the application or platform, and in the near future, these users will be rewarded with special badges showcasing creators’ dedication and involvement.

Adelaide Matte, co-founder and CEO of AMD Creative, a branding and design agency in Birmingham, expressed her desire to create an app that rewards creators for their originality and pays them what they’re worth.

“As a creator myself, it’s discouraging to see creators become burned out when they don’t see the growth and engagement they want or they’re regurgitating the same content because it has gone viral,” Matte stated. “We’re really excited about the new methods we’ve come up with for creator compensation like the upcoming giveaways we’re offering to the leaders on the INMO Scoreboard.”

On August 1, INMO launched a giveaway contest, with prizes every Friday for 1st-3rd places on the INMO Scoreboard. The first week’s giveaway, ending August 4, features an iPhone 14 for the winner.

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