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Instacart earns Media Rating Council Accreditation

New MRC Accreditation for Instacart Ads Impression, Click, and Viewability Metrics Gives Brands Trusted Metrics for Retail Media

Instacart, the leading grocery technology company in North America, announced its first advertising accreditation from the Media Rating Council (MRC). As of today, the MRC has granted Instacart accreditation for impression, click, and viewability metrics across the following advertising formats: Sponsored Product, Display, Shoppable Display, and Shoppable Video. Instacart is one of the first grocery tech companies – and one of few retail media networks – to receive MRC accreditation.

Today, Instacart works with more than 5,500 CPG brand partners to help them drive awareness, connect consumers with the products they love, and inspire consumers as they browse. Instacart is deeply committed to providing value for its brand partners, including delivering transparent measurement solutions. As part of this goal to provide trusted, standardized metrics, Instacart completed an in-depth, independent audit of its measurement for impression, click and viewability metrics. This was reviewed by an audit committee of MRC member organizations, and resulted in accreditation by the MRC1.

The MRC is a non-profit organization that has established standards for media and advertising measurement, and administered an accreditation process to verify compliance with those standards, since 1963. This accreditation means that Instacart’s ad solutions meet the MRC’s rigorous industry standards for digital advertising measurement, providing brands with even more confidence that their Instacart Ads campaigns are delivering results they can trust.

“Advertisers are overwhelmed with choice when it comes to retail media networks. As retail media continues to grow, trusted measurement is increasingly important for advertisers to make decisions about where to invest. Instacart is committed to building the tools and measurement capabilities that help our partners make the most informed, strategic decisions. We’re proud of this accreditation and look forward to continuing to work with the MRC to maintain this level of quality and rigor in our advertising offering,” said Chris Rogers, Chief Business Officer, Instacart

George W. Ivie, the Executive Director and CEO of MRC, said, “We congratulate Instacart for achieving MRC accreditation of Display and Video Impressions, Clicks and Viewable Impressions across the environments and in-scope placements served on the Instacart Marketplace. This demonstrates commitment to ensuring its advertisers feel confident that Instacart metrics comply with industry-accepted standards for quality measurement.”

Instacart’s impression, click, and viewability metrics are now accredited by the MRC across Sponsored Product, Display, Shoppable Display, and Shoppable Video ad placements served on the Instacart Marketplace in desktop, mobile web, and mobile app environments in both the U.S. and Canada.

Instacart’s discovery ad products, like Shoppable Display and Shoppable Video ads, bring together rich media, storytelling and inspiration that drive conversion and results on Instacart. These upper-funnel products complement Instacart’s Sponsored Product offering, which allows brands to secure premium digital shelf space and maximize sales and category share.

Today’s news builds on Instacart’s independent work with key third-party verification leaders like DoubleVerify (DV) and Integral Ad Science (IAS), including technical integrations for viewability and invalid traffic (IVT) measurement2. Instacart will continue to work with the MRC and other industry organizations to build and deliver high-quality ad measurement solutions to all of its CPG brand partners.

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