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Kameleoon announced the launch of its AI Copilot


Kameleoon, the worldwide leader in all-team experimentation, today announced the launch of its AI Copilot, a new suite of capabilities designed to revolutionize the way experimentation teams apply artificial intelligence in web and feature testing.

Kameleoon’s AI Copilot offers a suite of capabilities that scale, automate, and simplify processes from test creation to results analysis. “As digital experiences become increasingly complex, the need for intelligent experimentation tools has never been more critical,” said Fred De Todaro, Chief Product Officer at Kameleoon. “Our AI Copilot is not just a tool; it’s a partner for experimentation teams, enabling them to leverage AI to run more tests, save time, and get new insights.”

Kameleoon’s AI Copilot provides a practical approach to harnessing AI, addressing key challenges faced by experimentation teams such as generating new variations, targeting and personalization, and data analysis. Its capabilities include:

  • AI Experiments for scalable test creation thanks to generative AI
  • AI Predictive Targeting to boost conversions
  • AI Opportunity Detection for uncovering hidden wins; and
  • AI Assist for real-time, conversational support and insights on experimentation results.

“Since our first AI-powered feature launched in 2016, Kameleoon has been committed to pioneering AI in experimentation,” said Jean-Rene Boidron, CEO of Kameleoon. “AI Copilot represents another groundbreaking innovation, born from our dedication to meet the evolving needs of our clients and the industry at large.”

Kameleoon’s AI Copilot is the result of research and collaboration with a range of clients, reflecting the company’s commitment to delivering value-driven AI capabilities.

The launch underscores Kameleoon’s position at the forefront of experimentation technology, providing all teams with the tools they need to drive growth.

For more information or to request a demo of the Kameleoon platform and the AI Copilot, visit www.kameleoon.com.

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