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Kantata announces Embedded Analytics Solution to Supercharge BI

Kantata SX Embedded Analytics leverages the power of Tableau analytics as a packaged embedded application

Kantata, the leading global supplier of purpose-built technology for professional services, unveils Kantata SX Embedded Analytics, which uses the power of Tableau analytics as a packaged embedded application.

Kantata addresses the limitations professional services firms face using traditional solutions, offering these businesses an advanced platform for comprehensive insights into their operational performance across their people, projects, and plans. Powered by Tableau, Kantata SX Embedded Analytics offers visually rich, customizable, interactive dashboards. Users can seamlessly explore and analyze data without exporting it to alternative Business Intelligence tools.

This integration ensures a user-friendly experience, fostering a deeper understanding of key performance metrics that make accurate forecasting possible, such as revenue, cost, margin, supply vs. demand, utilization, delivery usage, slippage, engagement status, and risks. With Kantata SX Embedded Analytics, businesses can also capture and compare point-in-time extracts of their data, providing clarity on how these key performance metrics are trending over time.

“Kantata SX Embedded Analytics is a testament to our commitment to redefining how professional services organizations harness the power of data. By addressing the limitations of traditional operational reporting, we empower organizations to navigate complex dimensions and uncover strategic insights through interactive, visually rich analytics,” said Sarah Edwards, Chief Product Officer, Kantata. “The arrival of these powerful analytics in our Salesforce-native solution, Kantata SX, heralds a new era of tailored intelligence, fostering a dynamic approach to making more informed decisions and propelling businesses toward unprecedented success.”

“At Tableau, we are proud to collaborate with innovative partners like Kantata, who are pushing the boundaries of business intelligence,” said Nick Brisoux, Senior Director, Product Management at Tableau, Salesforce. “Kantata SX Embedded Analytics combined with Tableau’s advanced functionality empowers organizations to tap into the full potential of their data to drive better and faster decision making.”

Beyond Conventional Reporting: Kantata recognizes the limitations of traditional operational reporting, which often falls short of offering a holistic view of business operations. With Kantata SX Embedded Analytics, users can now delve into unlimited calculations and aggregations, providing a nuanced understanding of their data. Interactive charts in each of Kantata’s specialized Analyzer modules empower users to dynamically change displayed data on multiple charts within a dashboard, fostering deeper exploration including:

  • Resourcing Analyzer: takes resource planning to the next level, with FTE modeling of supply and demand across multiple dimensions, including skills, roles, grade, and location.
  • Delivery Analyzer: provides deep insight into services engagements, examining trends and performance across portfolios and individual engagements.
  • Financial Analyzer: enables more accurate global P&L reporting, with point-in-time exchange rates and tracking of forecast consistency over time.

Empowering Strategic Decision-Making: Operational reporting solutions frequently face the challenge of accommodating a wide range of data variables. Kantata SX Embedded Analytics shatters these constraints, empowering users to explore strategic dashboards with unparalleled interactive analysis capabilities. Unlike conventional operational reporting, which relies on static charts and limited trend analysis, Kantata Analyzers provide a dynamic environment for users to delve into their data. The multi-dimensional analysis this enables is crucial to helping businesses make timely decisions that impact all facets of their operations – from profitability to client success to employee engagement.

Customization for Tailored Insights: Kantata SX Embedded Analytics is highly customizable, acknowledging that every business has unique requirements. Users can create charts and dashboards against the pre-defined Kantata SX data source. This level of customization, unique in the industry, enables organizations to analyze additional data from Kantata SX, including custom fields, to meet specific business needs.

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