Katana Technologies launches Inventory PAF Solution

Revolutionary tool combines advanced forecasting with inventory management, tailored for small to medium-sized businesses to bridge the market gap
Katana Technologies

Katana Technologies, a fast-growth inventory software solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), today announced the launch of its Inventory Planning and Forecasting (PAF) solution, revolutionizing the landscape of inventory management for SMBs with data-driven forecasting capabilities to always meet customer demand. Katana’s new solution expands its existing inventory management features to allow for forecasting and demand planning, keeping SMBs one step ahead of stockouts.

Recognizing SMB frustrations tethered to cumbersome Excel spreadsheets that need leveraging more than their own historical data, Katana’s PAF solution offers liberation from manual processes and error-prone formulas. The new feature helps SMBs understand what their customers actually want, how much they need, and when with accurate and competitive forecasts. By automating tasks and streamlining workflows, Katana empowers its customers to focus on strategic and predictive decision-making rather than wrestling with spreadsheet complexities and data “guesstimates.” With the add-on solution, Katana customers, which include direct-to-consumer, ecommerce, retail, resellers, manufacturers and hybrid businesses across the globe in more than a dozen industries, can manage stock levels with insights that help predict sales trends and avoid delays and stockouts.

“I’m proud to unveil Katana’s Inventory Planning and Forecasting solution, a game-changer for SMBs,” said Kristjan Vilosius, CEO and founder of Katana Technologies. “Our platform equips SMBs with the capabilities to excel in the competitive landscape of today and make it possible to efficiently order, store, and sell physical goods. This advanced solution marks the end of reliance on outdated tools ushering in an era of predictive analytics and strategic growth opportunities for businesses eager to elevate their success.”

Katana’s new solution fills the void left by complex forecasting systems typically only available to enterprise businesses. The company’s new PAF solution empowers SMBs with a modern, user-friendly platform and tools without the costs and complexities associated with legacy solutions.

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