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Kentico announces the winners of 2023 Site of the Year Awards

Announcing the Winners of the 2023 Site of the Year Awards

Kentico celebrates excellence in digital innovation: announcing the winners of Site of the Year 2023. In a celebration of digital ingenuity and excellence, Kentico, leaders in the digital experience industry with its composable hybrid headless platform, proudly unveils the winners of the highly esteemed Site of the Year Awards for 2023.

For seven consecutive years, Kentico has been at the forefront of recognizing and honoring exceptional achievements in digital innovation and user-centric design. This year’s winners epitomize the pinnacle of creativity, dedication, and technological prowess in delivering extraordinary online experiences.

To qualify for the Site of the Year 2023 contest, websites or apps must have been a first-time contender (unless significantly redesigned), launched during 2023, and built on Kentico Xperience 13 or Xperience by Kentico.

Setting the standard: Meticulous evaluation of excellence

With over 100 submissions received, the evaluation committee meticulously evaluated each entry against a comprehensive set of criteria:

– Achievement of business goals: The extent to which the website or app contributed to the attainment of the organization’s objectives, such as increased conversions, sales, or brand awareness.

– UX (User Experience): The overall quality of the user experience, including ease of navigation, intuitiveness, and responsiveness across various devices and platforms.

– Interactivity: The degree to which the website or app engages users through interactive elements, such as animations, forms, quizzes, or personalized content.

– Graphic design: The visual appeal, aesthetics, and coherence of the design elements, including layout, typography, color scheme, and imagery.

– Innovation: The originality and creativity demonstrated in the implementation of unique features, functionalities, or approaches that set the project apart from competitors.

– Content: The relevance, quality, and effectiveness of the content in communicating the organization’s message, engaging users, and driving desired actions.

– Use of Kentico capabilities: The effective utilization of Kentico’s features, tools, and functionalities to optimize the website or app’s performance, scalability, and customization capabilities.

Following a rigorous evaluation process, the committee identified the most exemplary entries that demonstrated exceptional proficiency across these criteria.

“As a member of the evaluation committee, I am thrilled by both the quantity and, more importantly, the exceptional quality of submissions we received for Site of the Year 2023. The diversity and ingenuity showcased in these projects truly highlight the incredible possibilities achievable with Kentico.” – Debbie Tucek, Director of Product at Kentico.

Now, let’s unveil the winners and honorable mentions of the Site of the Year 2023 awards.

The deserving Industry Award winners for 2023

These outstanding projects have not only met but exceeded our stringent criteria, showcasing innovation, successful business outcomes, user-centric experiences, interactive design, graphic excellence, inventive content, and a masterful utilization of Kentico capabilities.

– B2B category: BlueModus emerges victorious with its website transformation utilizing Xperience by Kentico, delivering seamless migration and advanced SEO tools, (implemented by BlueModus). Honorable mentions go to Advanced Energy (implemented by EETech) and BDO Digital (implemented by BizStream).

– Commerce category: Nowy Styl’s Kentico-powered site, implemented by Infinity Group, offers streamlined processes and enhanced engagement for stakeholders. Honorable mentions include Crowley Energy, Buxton Oil, Ayer & Goss (implemented by Fuseideas and NITTIN), and Fenerbahçe SuperApp (implemented by PortalGrup).

– Consumer Goods category: Škoda Elektromobilita takes the spotlight with its immersive Kentico website captivating potential customers with its electromobility showcase, (implemented by BiQ Bluesoft). Honorable mentions include Niveko (implemented by PUXdesign) and Alcohol Detection Systems (implemented by BlueModus).

– Education & Careers category: Blanchard’s Kentico site revamp, implemented by, enhances user experience, boosts traffic, and refines content strategy. Honorable mentions go to Driestar Onderwijsadvies (implemented by Aviva Solutions) and Yapı Kredi Yarınlara Kartopu (implemented by PortalGrup).

– Entertainment, Hospitality & Tourism category: Mainz 05’s website launch on Xperience by Kentico optimizes user experience and internal workflows, (implemented by kuehlhaus and BiQ Bluesoft). Honorable mentions include Good Eats (implemented by Ridgeway) and ACF Fiorentina (implemented by EXETERA srl l Thinking Digital).

– Financial Services category: HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union’s Kentico-powered site delivers personalized experiences and seamless site management, (implemented by ZAG Interactive). Honorable mentions include NinjaTrader (implemented by and Forvis (implemented by SilverTech).

– Government & Municipal category: City of Swan’s Kentico site enhances user experience and introduces self-service options for residents, (implemented by ALYKA Pty Ltd). Honorable mentions include Texas Association of Counties (implemented by BlueModus) and Ohio Lottery (implemented by Marcus Thomas, LLC).

Community Choice award: Blanchard takes the spotlight

Among the exceptional entries in this year’s Site of the Year 2023 awards, Blanchard has won the coveted Community Choice award, chosen from the successful Industry winners via public vote. Built by, Blanchard’s stunning new website stood out for its remarkable achievements in digital innovation and user-centric design.

Blanchard’s decision to leverage Kentico’s intuitive interface, robust CMS functionalities, adaptability, scalability, integration capabilities, and multilingual support proved instrumental in realizing their vision for the project. The primary objectives included enhancing user experience, revitalizing branding, boosting conversion rates, refining content strategy, and optimizing performance.

The results speak volumes for the success of the project. The revamped site showcases improved user experience, heightened traffic, enhanced brand perception, mobile responsiveness, refined content strategy, and streamlined navigation. Blanchard’s commitment to excellence and’s expertise in execution have truly set a new standard in the industry.

Congratulations to Blanchard and for this well-deserved success! Their dedication to pushing the boundaries of digital innovation serves as an inspiration to us all.

All the winners of Site of the Year 2023 represent the pinnacle of digital innovation and user-centric design, embodying Kentico’s commitment to empowering businesses and organizations to deliver exceptional online experiences.

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