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Knotch announced the launch of Knotch AIQ

Uses Proprietary Knotch Audience & Performance Data to Drive Increased Business Results

Knotch today announced the launch of Knotch AIQ, a new generative-AI product within its digital intelligence platform designed for content-driven brands. AIQ makes it easy for marketers to generate high-performing new content, optimize existing content and perfect web experiences by tapping into brand-specific performance data. Marketers can track digital content performance across the entire customer journey, uncover powerful insights and take action with the click of a button to drive increased business results.

“Generic gen-AI tools make it easy to create content but emphasize speed and cost-efficiency over quality and performance,” said Knotch CEO Anda Gansca. “We believe that performance is the foundation of content excellence, which is why Knotch AIQ is powered by both AI and client data to create content that generates results.”

Knotch AIQ utilizes a training data set based on billions of content characteristics and performance points from across industries and market segments leveraging Knotch’s deep analytics and insights. Knotch AIQ creates a client-specific performance profile for each brand that is aligned against key business objectives ranging from building brand awareness to driving conversions. And unlike generic gen-AI tools, Knotch AIQ creates an automated feedback loop, tapping into the power of machine learning to continuously test and optimize content and web pages to drive better results. Learn more at:

“Everyone is looking at how AI can enhance their content marketing efforts,” said Mallory Russell, Vice President of Global Content and Web at Square. “Yet we’ve seen that the current breed of AI marketing tools focus on speed and quantity of content creation rather than quality and performance, which can have a detrimental effect on brand equity and growth. We are excited about working with Knotch and their powerful new AIQ platform to create new, high-performing content that helps small businesses grow while optimizing existing work in order to increase the efficiency of our content.”

Knotch AIQ key features include:

  • Data-driven insights: uses an organization’s unique content-performance profile and brand guidelines to identify which content characteristics and experiences drive results;
  • New content and versioning of existing content: generates new content and updates underperforming content with top-performing characteristics;
  • Conversion rate optimization: identifies CTA optimization opportunities to increase conversion rates and decrease time to convert;
  • Automated Content Tagging and Site Auditing: eliminates manual tasks like content tagging and site audits, assigning low-level, tedious work to AI and allowing marketing teams to focus on creative aspects of content creation;
  • Predictive Insights: predicts if content will perform well prior to publishing

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