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LifeStreet launches New AI Creative Solution


LifeStreet, a leader in mobile marketing, announced today its latest solution to maximize return on ad spend (ROAS) for performance marketers. Nero Dynamic Creatives improves the effectiveness of in-app advertising by testing, analyzing, and deploying a limitless number of AI-generated creative combinations across numerous audience segments. Through real-time creative analysis, advertisers can now make immediate connections between creative elements (headlines, images, CTAs, etc.) and users’ actions, ensuring that the optimal creative is always being served.

This release builds on technological advancements made to LifeStreet’s media buying platform, Nero, launched in 2022. Powered by LifeStreet’s machine learning (ML) predictive models, performance marketers use Nero’s custom bidding strategies to dynamically adjust bids based on how likely an impression is to meet an advertiser’s objectives. If the Nero platform wins the bid, then the creative optimization model uses data from tens of millions of impressions to predict the creative combination most likely to drive a target event. For any impression in any app, the best creative combination is chosen, and the ad is rendered in real time by LifeStreet’s ad server.

While generative AI offers tremendous efficiencies of scale for content production, creative modeling and testing has not kept pace. By combining Nero’s comprehensive toolset and generative AI technology, Nero Dynamic Creatives bridge the gap between the transformative potential of AI-generated content and the need for cost-effective, scalable in-app ad personalization.

Key features of Nero Dynamic Creatives include:

  • AI-Generated Content: Using the power of generative AI, such as Midjourney’s image generation or OpenAI’s Large Language Models, advertisers can massively scale content creation for personalized dynamic ads that are contextually tailored to the app environment.
  • Dynamic Decisioning: Nero’s robust machine learning models predict the best AI-generated content combination for each impression in any app. Preliminary tests have shown an average 30% performance lift in ads generated by Nero Dynamic Creatives compared to non-personalized ads.
  • “Nativized” Ad Formats: Imitating the style of native ads, advertisers can provide a seamless visual experience across a larger inventory pool without the technical complexities of trafficking native ad formats.

“We’re entering an era where content creation is becoming more cost-effective, even approaching zero marginal cost. Finding ways to leverage this new paradigm to maximize ad efficiency was the driving force behind Nero Dynamic Creatives,” said Levi Matkins, LifeStreet CEO. “When dealing with thousands of apps and an incredibly diverse audience of billions of users, there is no single best ad. Instead, advertisers need to use these new tools to push the boundaries of what is possible for the customer experience and continued growth.”

Nero Dynamic Creatives is a powerful tool for performance marketers seeking to expand their reach and drive ROAS through in-app advertising. It is currently available to all advertisers working with LifeStreet.

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