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LivePerson launches EAI

The next generation of artificial intelligence, embodied in Bella AI and the new Conversational Cloud, puts control back in the hands of businesses and individual users

On the heels of its groundbreaking generative AI product launch, LivePerson (Nasdaq: LPSN), a global leader in Conversational AI, has launched EAI, a new class of AI that is Equal, Enterprise-grade and for Everyone. EAI makes the power of generative AI and large language models accessible to businesses of all sizes — and even individuals — in a way that restores a sense of control and safety.

The dawn of generative AI has taken the world by storm, and organizations of all kinds are looking to implement it to boost productivity and drive better outcomes. But not all AI is created equal, and trusting your most valued data and relationships to AI systems you don’t understand or can’t control is tantamount to giving a stranger the keys to your home. LivePerson’s EAI addresses these risks by creating experiences that are:

  • Equal: EAI aims to reduce bias and make generative AI accessible in an equitable, responsible, and safe manner. It is built on the standards of EqualAI®, a nonprofit organization co-founded by LivePerson CEO Rob LoCascio that is a leading voice in the fight against bias in AI.
  • Enterprise-grade: EAI is scalable, safe, and meets enterprise standards. Built on LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud, it provides security and safety guardrails that keep data protected and deliver more accurate and credible responses. The technology integrates seamlessly into existing backend systems and meets the complex needs of large enterprises.
  • For everyone: EAI not only delivers measurable business outcomes, but is also available for personal use. By democratizing AI and making it accessible to everyone, LivePerson is leading the way in building responsible and ethical AI that benefits everyone.

“When I started LivePerson in 1995, I dreamed about building technology that could profoundly change the world by connecting all of us in ways that feel truly human. Today, generative AI is finally making it possible to create those connections on a massive scale. But if we’re going to use AI to help us fulfill the most important intentions in our lives, we need to restore trust in our control of technology,” said Rob LoCascio, CEO of LivePerson. “So many of us have lost that sense of trust since the early days of the internet, as our data and humanity has been taken from us and weaponized against us. EAI is our promise to help the world create new and better ways to connect, marked by the principles of equal experiences, enterprise-grade safety, and availability to everyone on the planet.”

To support EAI, LivePerson has upgraded its Conversational Cloud platform to help businesses put generative AI and LLMs to work safely and responsibly. The Conversational Cloud is trusted by hundreds of the world’s largest brands to engage with millions of consumers, powering a billion conversational interactions every month. New capabilities include:

  • LivePerson’s AI Safety Tools, which extend across its new and existing capabilities – help deliver trustworthy customer and employee experiences
  • Conversation Copilot – which improves agent productivity and accelerates bot creation
  • Conversation Autopilot – directly assists customers with ChatGPT-like conversations
  • Voice AI automates expensive phone calls with LLMs

Also in support of EAI, LivePerson recently launched Bella AI, the first-of-its-kind AI assistant that creates bots safe for business in just minutes. Bella AI revolutionizes the process of creating AI assistants and democratizes AI by making its power accessible to everyone. Assistant bots created by Bella AI are:

  • Safe and secure for business: employee and customer experiences include safeguards to ensure conversations remain on track and accurate.
  • Easy to implement: Bella AI uses a simple conversational interface so anyone can create automated assistants in seconds.
  • No code: businesses can quickly test and deploy these generative AI experiences without needing coding skills or difficult, lengthy installations.

To learn more about EAI, watch LivePerson’s Generative AI launch event and create your own Bella AI bot.

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