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LiveRamp solutions first to become AMI-certified by DAA


LiveRamp (NYSE: RAMP) is the first company in the industry to become Addressable Media Identifier (AMI)-certified by the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), the ad industry’s self-regulatory body for relevant digital advertising. Publishers, marketers, and the broader ecosystem can leverage and build upon LiveRamp’s solutions with confidence they will endure beyond third-party signal loss. With this certification, companies can recognize LiveRamp as a partner that is suited to help both the buy- and sell-side to better connect data and improve customer experiences, as they work to ensure they stay compliant with varying legal and regulatory requirements.

LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution, as well as its durable, privacy-centric identifier, RampID, have been successfully reviewed and found compliant with the Digital Advertising Alliance’s (DAA) Policy Framework for Addressable Media Identifiers. In a rigorous process, TRUSTe, a subsidiary of TrustArc, reviewed LiveRamp’s solutions in five critical areas, validating the steps LiveRamp has taken to establish, maintain, and continually improve privacy practices aligned with the DAA’s self-regulatory AMI frameworks. The areas of evaluation included:

  • Policies and Standards, including ensuring that controls are in place to limit the use of AMIs to only those purposes allowed under DAA policy
  • Processes, including processes to maintain records and reports to demonstrate compliance with the DAA Policy Framework for AMIs
  • Use, Retention, and Disposal, including purpose limitation, special requirements outlining prohibited uses of AMIs, and the use of sensitive information with AMIs that require the individual’s opt-in consent
  • Transparency, including providing enhanced notice and website notice regarding the use of AMIs and adherence to the DAA Policy Framework for AMIs
  • Reporting and Certification, including accessibility to AMIs under equal, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms and conditions

“LiveRamp has been an industry leader in adopting rigorous industry-backed, independently-enforceable standards to strengthen privacy practices while improving partner outcomes, and we are delighted that they’ve become the first company to complete the DAA’s AMI certification,” said Lou Mastria, CIPP/US, executive director of the DAA. “This achievement serves as a clarion call for the industry to move quickly to ensure their cookie-based and next-generation advertising solutions are compliant with the DAA’s past and current standards. LiveRamp is setting a model for the industry at making meaningful and timely progress towards this goal.”

The DAA and its standards are supported by the leading ad industry trade groups, including the 4As, American Advertising Federation, Association of National Advertisers/ANA, Interactive Advertising Bureau, and Network Advertising Initiative. The DAA’s AMI Certification advances the industry’s commitment to consumer privacy self-regulation by, among other things, introducing the concepts of permitted and prohibited uses of data. Through responsible data collection and use, coupled with transparency and control, AMI Certification shows a renewed commitment to high standards by responsible actors in the digital advertising ecosystem.

“We’re grateful for the DAA’s focus on maintaining critical functionality across the digital ecosystem, something we’ve championed ourselves with LiveRamp’s connectivity and interoperability,” said Travis Clinger, Chief Connectivity & Ecosystem Officer. “With the 100% deprecation of the third-party cookie just months away, for anyone that’s just getting started or shifting their focus to their cookieless transition, this can give them the confidence of picking a solution that enables the scale and performance they need.”

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