Ecommerce helping E-commerce Brands Maximize Black Friday Sales, the AI startup that is redefining influencer marketing, has announced a raft of tools meant to help brands maximize Black Friday and Q4 e-commerce sales. As social commerce activity intensifies during the busiest shopping season of the year, Logie is merging shopping with entertainment to create a win-win for brand-influencer collaborations. The company launched just a year ago but has thus far proved to be a promising contender in this burgeoning industry.

The social commerce sector was worth a whopping $958 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach $1.3 trillion in 2023. That’s an annual increase of 31%. It’s clear from these figures that customers prefer to discover products through social media over any other channel. By providing AI influencer matching, comprehensive social commerce infrastructure, and reports for better decision-making; Logie has made it easier for e-commerce vendors to partner with creators and disseminate their best offers via entertaining posts and video content.

As has been the norm in previous years, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are projected to be the busiest shopping days of 2023. It’s that time when customers are eager to spend more than they usually would. Logie’s toolkit for the season includes a product deals module that allows brands to share customized promotions with thousands of AI-matched influencers. The platform also provides comprehensive data analysis to reveal valuable insights into each product’s performance. This empowers brand owners to adopt a strategic market posture and ensure a competitive edge in the increasingly crowded eCommerce landscape.

The convergence of shopping and entertainment is transforming the way consumers engage with brands. is at the forefront of this revolution, empowering eCommerce vendors to turn their products into experiences and their campaigns into captivating stories,” said Tanya Breus, Business Development Lead at “As we approach the busiest shopping days of the year, our platform equips brands with the tools they need to leverage influencer marketing, maximize sales, and enhance their brand presence. We believe that the future of shopping lies in creating immersive, entertaining experiences for consumers, and Logie is here to make that vision a reality.”

We saw click-to-action engagement increase 213% and the aggregate volume of orders grow to over 237% during our closed beta. We’re now super excited to unlock the possibilities for our eCommerce partners at this time of the year,” added M. Raza, the company’s Chief Technology Officer. The company’s extensive social commerce infrastructure may still prove to be a powerful ally for eCommerce brands that are keen to navigate the complexities of Q4 and beyond.

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