LTK sees 70% increase in UK creators applying to the platform

LTK sees

LTK, the platform that powers Creator Commerce™, empowers hundreds of thousands of creators to maximise their income by monetising their content and connecting them to global brand partnerships. Today, LTK announced a significant 70% increase in UK creators applying to the platform over the past year, signifying accelerated growth of new entrepreneurs fuelling the next phase of the creator economy.

Every year LTK Creators have helped contribute to more than £3.24B in annual sales for 1000s of brands around the world.

The recent surge in LTK’s creator community within the UK showcases the platform’s success in fostering collaboration, creativity, and entrepreneurship among content creators. By providing a user-friendly and intuitive platform for content monetisation, LTK has become a trusted partner for thousands of UK creators seeking to transform their content into a viable and sustainable income avenue. For over a decade now, LTK Co-founder and President and legacy content creator, Amber Venz Box has enabled women across the globe to diversify their income, engage with their communities and make a living from their passion. There are currently 240 LTK Creators that are millionaires through the platform – all are women.

“LTK is one of the best platforms for digital content creators like me,” said UK content creator, Annam Ahmad. “It has been one of my main sources of income for many years.”

According to a shopper study conducted by LTK, an overwhelming majority of shoppers make purchases from creators now – 73% of Gen Z, 69% of Millennials, and 57% of the general population. In the UK, 55% of Londoners and 42% of the entire British population have bought from a creator. Creators have become more trusted among consumers than social media ads and celebrities. Globally brands have already invested more than £2B in LTK Creators through the platform.

LTK enables content creators to monetise their authentic recommendations and inspire their audiences by offering a seamless shopping experience for their communities. Through LTK’s innovative platform, creators can easily share shoppable content across various social media platforms, enabling their followers to discover and purchase the products they love.

UK content creator Mollie Campsie said, “I’ve gained a lot of financial freedom this year, and I did it using LTK. I can genuinely say that being part of the LTK community has had an immeasurable impact on my career and actually my life. There is serious money to be earned if you’re ambitious, enthusiastic and love creating content.”

Creators that have gone on to build their own products and brands leveraging LTK include: Sarah Ashcroft, We Are Twinset, Anisa Sojka, Louise Roe, Sammi Maria, Grace Beverly, Louise Thompson, Ruby Holley, Helena Critchley, Chloe Adair, Lorna Luxe.

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