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MarTech startup Videobot wins Creative Young Entrepreneur award

As the online world is turning away from traditional text towards video consumption, video content comprises 80% of today’s internet traffic. Marketing tech startup Videobot harnesses this increasing popularity of video content to augment traditional website experiences with personalized, interactive video chatbots.

Finnish-Luxembourgish marketing tech startup Videobot has won the Creative Young Entrepreneur award at a competition held on December 7th, organized by the Junior Chamber International of Luxembourg. A total of 32 companies participated in the competition, and the criteria for winning included innovation, economic viability, social impact, ability to overcome obstacles, and long-term vision. The winner was selected by a jury of 14 members.

Videobot is the latest success story of serial entrepreneurs Matias Mäenpää and Anssi Kiviranta, achieving significant international growth in a short period. Mäenpää and Kiviranta founded Videobot in the summer of 2022. Today, the company has nearly 200 large and mid-sized client companies in almost 20 countries.

”We have succeeded in winning the trust of our clients and now in convincing a jury that values innovative entrepreneurial spirit. It’s great that our team’s hard work is recognized. This award goes to everyone at Videobot,” Mäenpää summed up his feelings after the award ceremony.

The augmented reality startup Fabstwines took second place in the competition, and Emma, which offers managed cloud services, came in third.

Videobot is a SaaS startup that innovatively combines short video and chatbot functionalities. Its solution allows businesses to agilely move customer journeys into the video era. The company’s customer base represents a wide range of industries, including telecom, automotive, real estate, and home and living.

“In a year and a half, Videobot has grown into an internationally significant player in its field, and our solution is used for product and service demonstrations as well as for communicating political objectives, to name just a couple of examples. We want to be the Coca-Cola of videobots,” says Mäenpää.

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