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MediaGo & to enhance Advertising Efficiency


MediaGo, a deep learning-based intelligent advertising platform from Baidu Global Business Unit, today announced a partnership and integration with, a leading campaign management platform (CMP) in the native and social advertising markets. This collaboration provides advertisers with a unified solution to streamline the oversight and management of all accounts and campaigns within a single platform.

With this integration, users can now access to MediaGo’s high quality ad inventory on major media outlets and platforms such as MSN, Xandr, Yahoo, etc. Powered by deep learning technology, the MediaGo platform provides companies with optimal bidding solutions and creates maximum performance.

In the same way, MediaGo users can optimize campaign performance and scale profitability, while significantly reducing the time spent on campaign management thanks to the platform’s automation engine. Key features include Automation, Report Generation, Trend Identification, Campaign Creation and Creative Hub.

“Our collaboration delivers significant benefits to advertisers, as it brings together MediaGo’s deep learning capabilities and premium ad inventory with’s exceptional CMP features,” said Rena Ren, Americas Regional Director of Baidu Global Business Unit. “This integration empowers advertisers with a unified solution that allows them to effortlessly oversee and manage their campaigns and accounts all in one place.”

“We are excited to join forces with MediaGo to further enhance the capabilities and efficiencies advertisers can achieve,” said Ervin Hoxha, CEO of TheOptimizer . “This collaboration is a testament to our shared commitment to empowering advertisers with creative solutions that maximize results.”

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