Mediavine Joins Ad Net Zero for Sustainability Progress in Ad Tech

Ad Management Firm is Among the First Publisher Partners in the Climate Action Group

Mediavine, the largest exclusive full-service ad management firm in the U.S., announced it is joining Ad Net Zero, the sustainability trade association for advertising which aligns stakeholders across the industry to take action to reduce the carbon impact of developing, producing, and running advertising to get to net zero. Mediavine will now be included in a highly regarded coalition of companies across the ad industry — from advertisers to agencies to ad tech and other marketing service firms that are serious about their sustainability journey.

Mediavine will work closely with Ad Net Zero to provide a needed publisher perspective as the digital advertising industry focuses on adopting and actioning forthcoming sustainability standards. Mediavine, managing ads for around 11,000 independent publishers, will play a significant role in the Ad Net Zero US steering and working groups.

The ANA (Association of National Advertisers), the 4As (American Association of Advertising Agencies), and the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) launched Ad Net Zero US in February 2023. More than 100 organizations operating in the market, which represents 40% of the world’s ad spend, are now joined by Ad Net Zero US. Ad Net Zero US’s mission is for immediate, collective industry action to decarbonize ad operations and increase the promotion of sustainable products, services and behaviors.

“Sustainability is more than just an intention at Mediavine. It’s becoming increasingly important in the ad tech industry, but it has always been a core value for Mediavine and how we do business,” said Julia Li, Director of Social Impact, Sustainability at Mediavine. “Our participation in Ad Net Zero represents our continued commitment to engaging with our partners in a forward-thinking and actionable way.”

As part of its membership, Mediavine will commit to Ad Net Zero’s five-step action plan and in doing so, increase awareness about taking sustainable action within the ad tech ecosystem. Through a comprehensive evaluation of its corporate carbon footprint, Mediavine will contribute to the group’s emissions reduction plans, and collaborate on frameworks, best practices and actionable guides to help our industry measure and work toward a net zero future.

“We are thrilled Mediavine is joining this world-class consortium of advertisers, agencies and ad tech players focused on actioning sustainability best practices and backing the needed measurement standards as we seek to decarbonize the ad industry,” said Rachel Schnorr, US Membership Director at Ad Net Zero. “Mediavine’s support of Ad Net Zero and their sustainability commitments make a significant contribution to decreasing emissions from the ad tech ecosystem.”

Mediavine has solidified its position as a frontrunner in the industry by adopting top-tier practices like lazy loading, outstream video, and limiting multi-hop reselling. These approaches emphasize data efficiency and performance enhancement, aligning with organic sustainability efforts.

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